Episode List

  • Episode 144 – Creators
    Overview Stephen attended the Pittsburgh festival of books and had some great things to tell – including meeting some wonderful independent comic creators. One with it’s […]
  • Episode 143 – Vegas Baby
    Overview Let’s talk about Vegas. Alan just went with his wife and we discuss what it means to travel to Vegas in today’s world. There are […]
  • Episode 142 – Politics
    Overview We get on the topic of politics. Didn’t really plan it, but there is quite a bit to discuss. Our politicians don’t always seem to […]
  • Episode 141 – Mensa Mind Games
    Overview Alan went to Mensa mind games. He shares the experience and the winners. There is a lot about playing 30 games in 4 days. Besides […]
  • Episode 140 – More Pulps and D&D
    Overview In preparation for last weeks episode with John Bruening, we talk about pulps. We really are time travelers, and this episode got caught in a […]
  • Episode 139 – With Special Guest, John Bruening
    Overview Today we welcome a special guest, John Bruening. John is the author of modern pulp books starring the Midnight Guardian. We discuss pulps of old […]
  • episode 138 – Weekend and Gaming
    Overview We start off with an intro to Relentless Geekery. You’re at episode 138 I hear you say, why would you do an intro now? Well, […]
  • Episode 137 – Adventurous
    Overview We have a fun trivia question this week, and it leads to updates on what we’ve been listening to lately. Al visited the fan expo […]
  • Episode 136 – Sexy After All These Years
    Overview This week we answer: Recommendations https://www.banffcentre.ca/banffmountainfestival/tour https://www.madmagazine.com/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crash_Test_Dummies https://kentstage.org YouTube Transcript Alan: Good morning, Alan. Good morning. There we go. I okay. Wow. You’ve neatened […]
  • Episode 135 – Censoring?
    Overview We babble on a bit about colors. Then we talk about our buddy John Bruening who wrote the Midnight Guardian series – which you should […]
  • Episode 134 – Oodles of TV
    Overview Why do we like the shows we like? We aren’t sure, we just know we like them. While not all shows have been super throughout, […]
  • Episode 133 – We Geek It Up
    Overview We geek it up with movies and games. Stephen is getting the big Cryptozoic DC Deckbuilder that happened. Tons of great gameplay. We talk about […]
  • Episode 132 – Nostalgic books, music, travel and wizards
    Overview If you like reminiscing about music in eras gone by, this is a great episode for you. We talk about music often because we are […]
  • Episode 131 – Just the Facts
    Overview We talk about the realities of using social media as a content creator. We continue to try new things to get our geekery word out […]
  • Episode 130 – Getting Through the World
    Overview We jump around topics more than usual today. This could mean there are just so many things to talk about or it could mean lots […]
  • Episode 129 – Misc
    Overview We discuss a variety of topics today. Little weather since Alan is in California and experiencing the torrential downpours. There’s a bit of tv show […]
  • Episode 128 – Gaming and Sellouts
    Overview Two of our favorite topics – gaming and music – are once again talked about. Stephen had a couple fun game day experiences and Alan […]
  • Episode 127 – Happy New Year!
    Overview And we are into a new year. While we enjoyed some things about last year and we had a good holiday season, it’s time to […]
  • Episode 126 – Swagfest
    Overview It is post Christmas and we discuss the swag we gave and received. We had a wonderful time with family and discuss the holiday festivities. […]
  • Episode 125 – A.I. and More Christmas
    Overview There is a lot going on in the A.I. world, and we discuss only a portion. Starts off with weather and predicting it since Alan […]
  • Episode 124 – VPN Security and Christmas Music
    Overview Tech is always on top of our list (and we don’t have to check it twice.) This time its VPN (virtual private networks). If you […]
  • Episode 123 – Post Thanksgiving
    Overview It is after Thanksgiving and we have our holiday report. Lots of family time. Recommendations YouTube Transcript rg 123 Stephen: Oh, hey, microphone . Alan: […]
  • Episode 122 – Atari Anniversary and Top 100
    Overview Recommendations Trivia YouTube Transcript
  • Episode 121 – The Election
    Overview Recommendations YouTube Transcript
  • Episode 120 – Health: Corporate,Tech,Physical and Mental
  • Episode 119 – Planning
    Overview Recommendations YouTube Transcript
  • Episode 118 – Almost Halloween
    Overview It is almost Halloween, and Stephen is ready all dressed up in his Starfleet uniform. In a week, we will be at the Halloweem RG […]
  • Episode 117 – No Idea of the Overall Topic
    Overview There is some reminiscing about past tech and the skills we learned by doing it the old way that have served us well as tech […]
  • Episode 116 – Reflections of Society
    Overview We talk about horror, sci-fi and comedy this week. Each of these is used to reflect society in different ways. Alan attended the Just for […]
  • Episode 115 – Visiting the Past
    Overview Alan is going through the stuff in his parents house and it leads to a great discussion on visiting the past. This could be through […]
  • Episode 114 – Real and Not so Real Universes
    Overview We talk about some sciency stuff with our universe and other universes and then we delve into made up universes in our favorite comic books […]
  • Episode 113 – Education and Horror Movies
    Overview We talk briefly about our weekend, which includes a talk that Stephen gave. this leads to a long discussion on education and whether its working […]
  • Episode 112 – Hitchhikers Guide to Travel
    Overview There’s a lot of talk about travel. Including picking your own hunk of meat at a restaurant and taking your towel. Besides that, the Sonder […]
  • Episode 111 – Old Guy Stuff
    Overview We’re old guys. we have (hopefully) some wisdom to go with our experience. What we don’t have is the quickness needed for video games nor […]
  • Episode 110 – Summer Events
    Overview As summer winds down, we discuss some of the events we’ve been going to and some still to come. Summer’s are always busy, and we […]
  • Episode 109 – New Tech
    Overview Even though we don’t cover all our chosen topics, we flow between talking about tech topics quite nicely. Stephen just got a new computer to […]
  • Episode 108 – Comics, Magazines, and TV
    Overview Magazines, remember those? We talk about reading magazines and how that has changed. We talk comics and books – genre’s which are all over the […]
  • Episode 107 – Variety
    Overview We are all over the board today. Even more than usual. The Webb telescope has allowed us to see back in time. Target shooting is […]
  • Episode 106 – Updates and Organization
    Overview Yes, we have topics planned, but we start off talking about drugs, and media control, and not accepting of facts, and how all these things […]
  • Episode 105 – Missing Mensa AG and State of the Nation
    Overview Alan should be going to the Mensa AG and giving his talk. Instead, he needs to fly to California about family business. We discuss what […]
  • Episode 104 – Flying
    Overview Alan is once again flying, so we discuss how flying has changed over the last several decades. Using websites and apps and the ability to […]
  • Episode 103 – Automation and Show Catch Up
    Overview Alan had to deal with a situation where app automation would have been helpful. This includes apps to help with travel plans. And with traveling […]
  • Episode 102 – AG program and M1 problem
    Overview The Mensa AG is coming quickly. If you’ve never attended, there are so many great programs and we talk a bit about them here. There […]
  • Episode 101 – Supernatural Conference and WWDC
    Overview Stephen attended the Supernatural con in Chicago and tells all about it, including the awesome concert with Louden Swain. Alan has been virtually attending the […]
  • Episode 100 – Car Shopping
    Overview We share a couple car stories and then delve into the current status of buying cars. What should we look for in a car? New, […]
  • Episode 99 – Big Stars!
    Overview Some name dropping going on today – Weird Al and Armin Shimerman specifically. But before that, we discuss getting a new car and what the […]
  • Episode 98 – Improve the World
    Overview Once again, we are here to help you and solve all the problems in the world. we start off by talking about bucket lists. Where […]
  • Episode 97 – Fan Expo Cleveland
    Overview This past weekend Alan and Stephen attended Fan Expo in Cleveland. This is the old Wizard World convention. While we enjoy the comics, there is […]
  • Episode 96 – Are We Alone?
    Overview We conclude our tech talk of the last couple weeks – at least for now. This time, it’s still a bit about remote work, but […]
  • Episode 95 – Remote Tech
    Overview Al is back in California, so we have a lengthy discussion on how much easier it is to work remote compared to several decades ago. […]
  • Episode 94 – Get it right tech!
    Overview The times have changed with tech. We focus on the weird HDMI issues and copy protection. And the connectors? Do you know all the problems […]
  • Episode 93 – COVID, Moon Knight and Batman
    Overview COVID is still around and still has people catching it – and there are new variants. We don’t usually complain, but we have complaints about […]
  • Episode 92 – The Fillion Guiding Hand
    Overview Stephen and Alan discuss something that is more philosophical and less geeky, yet it ties in with Nathan Fillion and how he has guided Stephen […]
  • Episode 91 – Geeky media
    Overview Alan with his orange skynet starts us off today. Actually, it’s only briefly mentioned before we are off on tv and movie zoom backgrounds and […]
  • Episode 90 – FIRE
    Overview If you didn’t know, Alan likes orange. And we start off discussing why his Skynet is orange. So geeky in many ways. Do you know […]
  • Episode 89 – A Few of Our Favorite Things
    Overview It can be difficult when a loved one dies and even more difficult to talk about arrangements after your own death. Alan has been experiencing […]
  • Episode 88 – Bad Times
    Overview It’s not been a great couple weeks for Alan as he’s dealt with his father’s passing. He has all of our condolences and he knows […]
  • Episode 87 – User Experience
    Overview We love it when our conversations tie together, and today it all comes down to the user experience. It starts with the simple things in […]
  • Episode 86 – Techie Troubles and Documentaries
    Overview Stephen’s tech troubles with his 3d printer leads to a conversation on how fixing tech problems has changed. Home networks are also big, and Stephen […]
  • Episode 85 – Snowmageddon and Peacemaker
    Overview https://www.cnn.com/us/live-news/winter-storm-weather-live-01-17-21/index.html How could we not talk about the incredible snowstorm? It’s the most snow we’ve gotten in quite awhile. Everything may have been closed, but […]
  • Episode 84 – COVID Talks
    Overview We have toyed with talking about COVID, so we dig in to discuss it today. It’s been around for 2 years now and doesn’t seem […]
  • Episode 83 – DnD Memories
    Overview Before we delve into some dungeons, we talk about some reality TV – Wipeout and American Ninja. The guilty fun of the shows. And a […]
  • Episode 82 – Post Christmas
    Overview We got lots of cool swag for Christmas. Alan got a ton of music and recommends all of them. Stephen is getting a cool handmade […]
  • Episode 81 – C2E2
    Overview We have a special guest on today – Stephen’s son Colin! Colin works at a comic book store and recently attended C2E2 in Chicago. We […]
  • Episode 80 – Busy Time
    Overview https://www.imdb.com/title/tt9735318/ https://www.oculus.com/quest-2/ https://www.pixicade.com/ YouTube Transcript that’s a good thing to have on our checklist. When we start these sessions, he lost a good chat at […]
  • Episode 79 – It’s Christmastime
    Argh! We start off – by missing the first 10 minutes of our conversation. Totally my fault. We didn’t even notice that it wasn’t recording. At […]
  • Episode 78 – Fixing the World
    Overview Our conversation starts with recycles and how people choose NOT to do things to help the environment. Recycling has improved over the years, yet some […]
  • Episode 77 – New Format
    Overview Our talk starts with a great Facebook post about what makes high IQ people different from others. The most common element is openness to new […]
  • Episode 76 – Show and Tell
    Overview There have been a lot of trailers for upcoming movies and shows and we start with Boba Fett. We didn’t see the Obi Wan trailer […]
  • Episode 75 – Relentless Science and Upcoming Marvel
    Clip Overview We dive into some science discussions – like how sci-fi has become reality. Everything from camouflage to black holes to apatosaurus and fifth state […]
  • Episode 74 – Halloween
    This week’s geek: It is that time of year and we love Halloween. How much more Halloween can you get than to dress up? And if […]
  • Episode 73 – Vampires and Bond
    Clip Stephen is going on a trip for Vampires of New Orleans with The Author Success Mastermind. Alan saw James Bond and we reminisce about the […]
  • Episode 72 – Scary Story Time
    Clip Episode Overview It is October, and that means horror movies! And to make it geeky – a company just ran a big study to find […]
  • Episode 71 – Health Tech and War
    We start off today with a bit of health talk and how tech has affected our health. https://baseline.google.com https://www.twilio.com/ https://www.uber.com/ During Alan’s issues, Facebook had its […]
  • Episode 70 – Geek Weekend
    We’ve had a week off, which gave us plenty to discuss. Al went to the Strong National Museum of Play. https://www.museumofplay.org/ We discuss how preserving these […]
  • Episode 69 – New Marvel
    We talk a bit of tech and then all the new Marvel movies and tv shows that are coming out. YouTube
  • Episode 68 – Marketing and Childhood Toys
    Al is getting a COVID check today, which starts the episode. We intended to talk about several things, but of course we flit from subject to […]
  • Episode 67 – Sin City and Our World
    A couple weeks ago, we discussed old tech. This week it’s new tech – starting with Windows 11. We do delve into some old tech talking […]
  • Episode 66 – Medical and Video Game Improvements
    Some recent health issues – root canal and broken bone – lead to a great discussion on improvements in health care. Things like using your own […]
  • Episode 65 – Old Tech and Updates
    We reminisce about old tech programming compared to newer programming. Full of tech stories which I’m sure some of you can relate to. Al has fun […]
  • Episode 64 – Meandering Topics
    Is Orange really Green? Maybe we don’t answer that question. But we do talk about the gifts big Al received for his birthday – including a […]
  • Episode 63 – Kathy Kerestman Talk
    Kathy is the author of Creepy Cat – a collection of tales about her travels to spooky places. She talks about her love of horror, starting […]
  • Episode 62 – Tech Support, Tech Problems, New Tech
    We start off today after having not been able to troubleshoot tech problems. As Al says, two Codger Alpha Geeks that are usually the ones to […]
  • Episode 61 – All The News
    We do a catch up with a bunch of news. Of course it’s not just the news, we pontificate on each item. Our big Clued Up […]
  • Episode 60 – Black Widow and Weekend Plans
    We have an upcoming, outdoor Clue type mystery game this weekend we are playing in Cleveland. Fun times running around solving things with friends. Stephen talks […]
  • Episode 59 – Witch Hunts
    Stephen spent the weekend at a writer’s retreat in Salem, MA, so we start off discussing that and lead into talking about witch hunts in general. […]
  • Episode 58 – Asimov, Russel, Putt Putt, and Windows
    We hit the topic – Bam Bam Bam One of the first items of discussion is books, and particularly the two that I am reading – […]
  • Episode 57 – Construction, Comics, and Inclusion
    Now that the weather is nice there are several naturous hiking adventures we reminesce. Alan has gotten a new garage – but what an adventure. There […]
  • Episode 56 – Fun and Wonder
    Today’s theme seems to be fun and wonder. These are things that kids have but adults tend to lose and we wonder why. We start off […]
  • Episode 55 – Live Broadcast: Working from Home
    We have another special episode that we recorded live. The topic is working from home, which we have quite a bit of experience with. In the […]
  • Episode 54 – Tabletop Simulator and Apple Dev Con
    We tie everything together nicely today – how tech has changed and that has changed the games we play, but we can still play old board […]
  • Episode 53 – Highlander and Memorial Day
    As usual, we discuss several topics – but a lot of it is around what we plan to do for Memorial Day. Alan is going to […]
  • Episode 52 – Happy Birthday!
    Well, it took us almost an hour to finally mention it’s our 1 year anniversary episode. Before we get there, we discuss the grays in the […]
  • Episode 51 – Delve Into the Vaults
    Our discussion starts with grammar and lexicography. We discuss how to say words and how word meaning changes. We have another comic discussion because Al has […]
  • Episode 50 – Marvel’s Big Trailer
    For our 50th episode we delve into the big new Marvel trailer. The discussion veers between all the upcoming movies and tv shows, but also the […]
  • Episode 49 – Breaking Apple and Facebook
    Apple has just implemented a new security update that gives users more control. This has a lot of Facebook advertisers concerned. We discuss some of the […]
  • Episode 48 – Health Tech and Big Bang Theory
    We had some trouble getting the episode going this time. Lost a few minutes of conversation because it wasn’t recording. Did some reboots and everything came […]
  • Episode 47 – Post Covid
    If you’re dealing with diabetes, check out our conversation this week. Since both of us are dealing with it, understanding diabetes and how to control it […]
  • Episode 46 – Easter and Humor Class
    We actually keep on topic and discuss (almost) everything we wanted to touch on. There’s a bit of tech talk at the beginning, but it just […]
  • Episode 45 – Even more comic changes
    For whatever reason, we have a long discussion on fashion. Nerd fashion. <smh> Yeah, I don’t know why that became a complete discussion today. https://www.netflix.com/title/80241581 The […]
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