Talks and Live Events

Below are a list of live events Alan or Stephen will be at:

Chicago Area Mensa – HalloweeM 46

We will both be at this years WEEM in Chicago! Alan is giving his comic book talk and Stephen is doing his Supercharge talk and Videogame Storytelling workshop.

PLUS: we will be doing a live broadcast of the RG podcast with the theme of “Reunited”

Here is a list of the live talks that Alan and Stephen give:


In high heels and backwards

Mad magazine


Supercharge your kids

Are your kids prepared for the changing workforce of the future? Are you doing the right things to get them ready?

The future our kids face will be nothing like what we and our parents had. There are less entry level jobs and more tech doing those jobs. A lifetime career is a thing of the past. Are parents and schools giving our kids the right skills to live in this future?

Supercharge Your Kids will show the changes we’ve already experienced and those to come. You can teach your kids what they need to know, but only if you understand what the new world will look like.

Join me as we explore the future for our kids.