How could we not talk about the incredible snowstorm? It’s the most snow we’ve gotten in quite awhile. Everything may have been closed, but we stop our Relentless Geekery.

We’re not saying you should give up watching your shows, but maybe you could better manage the lists. To that end, we talk about the TV Time app. Links under recommendations.

We talk some great TV shows, including the great new Peacemaker show on HBO. Gold Monkey and Fringe are some wonderful shows, but man, Peacemaker sure knocks it out of the park.

And here’s something discovered with the new Oculus, see if you like the music:




Peacemaker – https://www.hbomax.com/grw-pcm

David Foster – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Foster

oculus – https://www.oculus.com/referrals/link/mindarch/


Robert Patrick, who is in the Peacemaker series, is from Cleveland and has a famous brother. Who is it?

There are two different kinds of wind that blow in the Antarctic – one blows up a slope and one blows down and they gather different amounts of moisture. What are they called?

Listen to the podcast for the answers.



alright, good morning. Let me get a video on and voice on and all that good stuff I can hear you. Hey, nice snowy scene. We both went with that seam. Obviously here I am up in my mountain fasting thought of going outside in a [00:01:00] park and just getting in a snowdrift. And I’ve seen those simultaneous news reports where the guy’s getting blown away by a hurricane is having to hold onto a pole and stuff.

And I figured we can simulate that experience without having to actually get the fan and have Jason sprinkles, soap flakes. So they’re flying past me, you know, that’s right. The mashed potato flakes, soap flakes, all those things work. Exactly. Yeah, there you go. W w what’s that called floss, fleece something, whatever that little, exactly that, that has the good insulative absorbent value per weight.

You know what I mean? Okay. So yeah. Snowmageddon 2022, you look at these things. We had a rough 2020, and people are like, good, 20, 21 it’s could be better. And it wasn’t, it got way worse in many ways, especially for us Gina and her family. So we’re like, great, 20, 22, let’s start off with a blizzard. That’s not boating.

It w it was time. The fact that we didn’t really have a white Christmas, that we hadn’t gotten married. I remember being [00:02:00] buried like as early as October where kids were out trick or treating and stones like that. And this was only a day. We’ve had things where like she blew for multiple days. The big thing for this one for us was it was windy.

And so you don’t just get snowfall and you get drifting, and we’ve discovered we’ve transformed our yard by tearing out the trees, putting in a new garage, and then having this long slick driveway all the way along our fence going back. So we’ve got some parts of the driveway that are bare and some parts that are like two foot drifts instead of the four to eight inches that we got.

So my snuggle Joe, that I just pull off is rated for four to eight inches when I first saw that forecast. So it was like built for the snow joke. I’m going to actually have to be maneuvering and digging into these drifts and hoping that it doesn’t move. And I haven’t done it yet. We took advantage of the fact that yesterday was a day off for Colleen and I.

Our house is well-stocked. I didn’t have to go out. So we just blend it, keep falling. And I haven’t even built the snow Joe, yet it comes in a box and you have to build it. And luckily I [00:03:00] was smart enough to get it out of the garage. So instead of having to deal with 31 degree metal and building it that way, it’s been in the house and warming up.

And so we did take our tree down. And w which is the every year, the ritual of Christmas is now finally done. It’s usually like this two or three weeks after the start of the year. It’s not, apifany where people rushed to get it done on the sixth or whatever other dates it might be. But it’s just that weekend where, okay, the tree is now getting worse, not taking on any water anymore.

So it’s only going to get more brittle and drop more blades, more leaves if you will. And. And we just, it’s a nice thing, too. We put out all the boxes for all of our ornaments and have a table. World was a, don’t have a box go cause we’re gonna wrap them in tissue paper so they don’t get damaged. And Colleen and I just talk and we just like decorating the tree.

We relive, oh, this is a cool ornament. Or remember where we got it from? We went to bar Harbor, we went to Caesar’s palace in Vegas or whatever else it might be. And so instead of it being a chore, [00:04:00] it’s actually cool. And we, you vacuum up what you can with the needles and stuff like that. And that makes the whole house smell of pine set, which is a wonderful thing.

And all of a sudden you’re like, wow, our living room is actually pretty big without the usual globin chairs there or without the Christmas tree that displaced them for these last two months. And so we just Baskin let’s just enjoy the space. In fact, Hey, I need some space to build the snow. Joe, give me this room here to build this.

And I don’t know, that’s, it’s nice to have that kind of easing into the new year. And of course, a lot of what we also talk about is, but it’s a new year. I don’t know if we’re big resolution makers. We don’t have big steely. I must lose weight. I must’ve, whatever saved more. It’s we’re already winning big time.

We have more books and music and games and everything that we could ever play and read and do and have. But what. What places do we want to travel to? Even in the time of COVID, how will we do it? And maybe that’s the kind of get away from that, which [00:05:00] everybody that’s hardly the geek section of the program.

One of the things that like, I don’t want to watch more TV, but what I want to do is a TV that I want to watch. I want to be able to get to it easily quickly. And for part of my packages that I already paid for, I hate paying additional and I’m already buying infinities of movies and television shows. So friend Kevin mentioned that he has an app that actually does that thing.

It tracks where everything is available. Every single station you could imagine, every package, probably 60 different packages and says for here it’s paper episode for here, it’s free, but it only has seasons one through three and whatever the criteria might be. And I know that certain TVs now come with that.

Like Scott, another Scott friends, Has I think a Roku TV maybe, and the Roku package. And it’s funny cause I have a Roku box, but I don’t use it as my main TV Washington. Cause the Samsung has its own smart TV app built into it. And so having said that it’s wow, this is really cool that now I might be able to say, if I want to watch or rewatch or just keep track of what things are coming out.

I know [00:06:00] that I’m getting it where I actually have paid for seasons of Archer because they’re really became unavailable anywhere that I could get to for free. Like I wanted them to be. Whereas they keep like they may remain available within the last couple months, all the Harry Potter movies. So good. All I gotta do is go on to HBO, max.

I think it is. There they are. So like I said, I don’t want to watch more TV, but now I’ve got this new goal of which of those apps is best at right now. Look, it looks like it’s either. I think it’s, I watch more TV sofa, like that kind of thing. And they’re, they don’t, they’re not on your TV, they’re on either your phone or your Mac or your iPad.

And so I want to find out usually what do I have while I’m watching TV, if anything, it’s my laptop. So I need a macro S instead of an iOS thing. And in my mind, what I’m thinking is I want a grid that I can do of all the different things instead of this little postage stamp phone screen that I’m, even if it’s all in there, it doesn’t give me.

Oh, Ray, the whole Panorama of what might be available and therefore make it more easily for [00:07:00] me to choose more easily. So do, do you use anything like that? I’ve also multiple providers, I think, right. Bounce a lot, because like we’ll be on Amazon and that castle wait show was on from Stephen King on epic.

So we signed up for epics and watch those. And then they had the pennyworth show. We started watching that and then we hadn’t watched it. So we canceled epics. Cause you can just go back and re up. And I always worry that I’ll forget to do that. That I’ll forget to cancel all of a sudden, I’ll see another, like $10 a month.

I’ve wasted money. And that will prompt me to go, we’ll go back and watch it, but I don’t want to. Across my memory, but I don’t want to be that I have so many things going on. That it’s a big yes. And that’s, and I love that app. I’d love to look that app up because that’s the thing I’m running into is I love movies.

I love my TV shows. I love watching them, but I’m finding more and more that even the stuff I love, it’s like, Hey, let’s watch this show. And I’m like, [00:08:00] okay. Yeah, I guess I’ll sit down and watch them because I’m like saturated. Yeah. I want to play some games. I want to go walk with the dogs outside. So I’ve hit this spot where it’s almost less.

And here’s the funny thing. It’s all, you’ve got everything available and in a sense, you do, my kids have had more stuff. They could get out of snap, but they also, it does. You can’t get this show anymore. It was on here for awhile. Why are you getting rid of it? Is there a reason, or there’s really good show you loved in the nineties, man.

Nobody offers it. So you really don’t have at your fingertips. It’s really still a gatekeeper telling you what you’re allowed to choose from. That is the irritating part. Exactly what you’re saying, that we just, we were watching, we love standup comedy. And so they often have packages put together of the stand-ups comedy, new comedy, 2022, where like the degenerate.

So the ones that are like so bad, they can be booked into comic book comedy clubs, because, so we were in the middle, I don’t know, six out of 10 and it went [00:09:00] away. I don’t know who the last four were, but there’s something I am so much a series. But getting to that idea of six out of 10 and now I can’t fit it in amongst other things.

And, and, and same thing, why there’s no way of, there’s no insight into it. Was it ratings? Was it the contract expired? Was it that somebody is now famous and that’s going to cost more? So they’re reading who knows. And yet it’s just very irritating to me to like it enough to anticipate it, to look forward to it and then pay.

And it’s fine. And I’m not condoning this, but in today’s world, this is what drives people to say, what was that pirate site? I can grab that on because it’s not available. And the worst I’ve had people say, how do we get these? I’m sure there’s ways, but I must admit I’ve never done that. I really am much a Chan Campion Ford intellectual property.

And I just don’t go looking for free. Some people do it also because Hey, doctor, who gets shown in England a day earlier, and I want to see it before there’s any spoilers. And so they go looking for, you know what [00:10:00] I mean?

I forget. There’ve been a couple shows tales of the gold monkey, which I loved back in the day. Yeah. It ran for one season in 1980, it was inspired by Indiana Jones. It had the guy from seventh heaven, the father, he cut her goose plane. They had a one eyed Jack Russell and they had little adventures in the jungle.

What’s his name? The guy that was the main chimpanzee on planet of the apes brought into circus note writing. He was in that he ran a bar and. Th th for the longest time, that show was nowhere. I couldn’t watch it on TV. I couldn’t watch it on a streaming. I couldn’t even buy anything on Amazon because they didn’t have this.

I want to buy the set. Yeah, exactly. If they didn’t, it wasn’t even economic enough for them to say we’re going to publish it case if I wanted to watch the show that’s 40 years ago and nobody offers it for sale nobody’s street. Hey, come on. Are you really good clamp down on me and get mad at me if I went and did get it, but that’s, [00:11:00] people’s thinking now, luckily for me, they did offer that.

So I bought the desk. Good for you when it finally becomes available. I think we might’ve mentioned this before. Everybody’s got their holy grail like that evil. Roy Slade was a TV made for TV movie. One of those like seven 30 to nine o’clock movie on a Wednesday night or something like that. And as a young kid, I just laughed my butt off.

I thought it was hilarious. It was John asked him, you know, from his Adams and so forth and many other things. He’s so much a better actor. I saw him in a one man show doing Edgar Allen Poe. Oh, my God, he was fantastic, but I digress. I looked for that evil Roy Slade, everywhere, forever. And in Chicago, I used to be certain, it wasn’t just going to blockbuster or Hollywood video.

There was a place called facets. Multi-media on the Northwest side of Chicago that seemed to have everything. They had all the chops hockey movies before they were available and all the Jackie Chan and all that kind of stuff. But somehow they never had this friend, Kevin, who I just mentioned. He’s the one that turned me on to this interesting DBL had a father that was a huge [00:12:00] video collector.

And back then, Um, not as easy to be a completist and you really had to seek these things out and you couldn’t buy that. If you weren’t a video store, you couldn’t necessarily buy everything. They really didn’t seem to restrict content and stuff. And yet he had a mass, a bit released version collection, as well as taped versions of various different things and was part of this interesting, from what I understand, network of there always have been tapers and then they find each other.

And so then they swap things back and forth. Australia. This guy has this, all these cool things and so forth. His father was able to get me a copy of evil Roy Slade. And I just was beside myself. I was so happy after I had nothing, this thing for what, 30 years. And of course, in watching, it was like, Man. I had a different sense of humor when I was young, like a 14 year old idiot.

That’s the humor because there really were still some very funny parts, but I remember loving the entire thing. And a number of things were just like, okay, that’s just silly. That’s just sophomoric. That’s just, [00:13:00] sometimes you don’t want to meet your idols if you know what I’m trying to say. But I finally got this thing that I had then of course I had told everybody about it.

So I don’t think we had a watch party, but at least my girlfriend at the time was like, yeah, we’re going to see this crazy movie. And then she was like, kept looking over at me like you like this because it wasn’t quite three Stooges, which would have been the full eyeball from the lady to the guy usually.

But it was silly. It was silly. So having mentioned the disappointment that we sometimes feel, what did I just discovered turn up on HBO, max. Orange is available again, I loved this series, the first couple of seasons. I agree that when it was still doing Blake supernatural at X-Files and stuff where it’s like a monster of the week and interesting pseudo-science menace of the week, and then they got into a multi world and more spy and just that kind of an intrigue type series.

And there were already those elements in it from the start. So I’m really enjoying sometimes when you rewatch something, you’re like, oh, that’s [00:14:00] where they laid the ground for. Yes. He’s not who he seems and stuff like that, but I’m just so happy. I really have been looking forward to rewatching that, and it somehow hasn’t been available for all this time.

And again, I don’t know why, but maybe there’s just a big board where they say, gotta give this one 20 years, hang in there like a salami and let it ripe it in the basement. Then eventually it’ll be good again. And I like where things. Yeah, it holds up very well. Science has advanced in 20 years. And so where there’s, they did a lot of cool speculation and some things have come true and some things are still no that’s way out there.

Especially for this one. The pilot episode is fantastic. They introduced all these great characters. So Olivia, Donna, by Anna tour of, if I remember correctly is such a perfect, the science investigator, foil brave the roguish partner, if you will, that she actually Shanghai’s into doing work because he’s a career criminal.

And at his father, man, all Walter Bishop, John Noble is Walter. Bishop is a character for the agents, how he didn’t [00:15:00] win whatever appropriate Emmys are for best dramatic, best fantasy series, et cetera, et cetera. He just plays so well. He’s brilliant, but he’s crazy. And he got mood control issues, but he’s, and as much incredible tenderness and just, and not in a way that you don’t know what he’s going to do next.

He’s just crazy. No, you, it really is good character development and just good reveal of what was going on, man. If I’m, I have not quite been bingeing it, but I’m giving myself like two episodes a night because. Want to enjoy it. And they’re like, well, they were an hour, but without commercials, they’re 40.

And so as long as really going to spend an hour and a half every single day, yeah, I really have missed this. It was a good choice, but it came at the perfect time because X-Files was winding down with that picked up and it had that blend of not quite the, the monsters, but it had that Saifai ish other worlds and other dimensions and stuff.

So it fits that same scratch the same itch. [00:16:00] That’s a great way to put it. And that’s obviously there’s that there’s any number of shows that, oh, their inheritance to Kolchak the night stalker, the guys who ran supernatural, even talk about that, that he was a cool check. Scooby, do I just want to think about this?

That it’s obvious where the roots come from and, and this had the same kind of thing where it’s like, there’s gotta be a big reveal at the end, but like X-Files, there was multiple conspiracies going on. And in fact, this one had a really good one where they make references to something and they don’t satisfy that until the end of series one, but they keep Matt remembers to William.

Who runs massive dynamic. So like the mad science and stuff like that. Do you remember who he turns out to be Leonard Nimoy? Boy. Oh, he brought him back to TV as this belly William Bell and that wonderful duel, that chemistry between former friends, still friends, but also rivals between Walter Bishop and William Bell.

It was amazing. It was really good and they really built it up. So when they first showed it, everybody in America, they all, everybody, they care about this series. It must’ve [00:17:00] been perfect casting anyway, but I never actually finished the whole series because I got to the last couple of seasons. I’m like this just isn’t holding my interest.

I think they lost sight of what it started out. As same thing happened to the X-Files in a way they had a thing. And then it went off the rails even a little more. I think Chris Carter, there are still some really good episodes, even the later seasons, but it’s not that overall. Oh my God. I got to sit there every week.

It’s hard to maintain for five seasons, much less, 15, like supernatural. Did you know, what’s the big, bad, this thing? What more reveals are we going to do about angels, demons desk, the four horsemen? You know what I mean? They can’t, they who run that show. It was for the first. Very cryptic, but he was like the showrunner for the first five.

And then he handed it off to other people while still being executive consultant or something like that. But they, as they went through those generations compared to remember, there was show called millennium. Oh yeah. That’s another one you can’t find anywhere now can’t find anywhere. And what’s weird is.[00:18:00]

Absolutely. You could see from the writing teams first season, really well done. Second season totally lost their way. They must have gone begging back to the guys who did it. And third season was back on track and it was like, am I really going to let myself be fooled? I had so good and so bad. And what’s three first season going to be like, and it was like, oh man, they really did fix it.

It doesn’t often happen a lot of times the people that have. They disband and go elsewhere. You should grow back Firefly nowadays. Could you really do it still? If you’ve got the right show runner was a Josh Sweden. I think is involved with the boys. So I think that’s one of the reasons the boys is so good.

I agree. I’ve learned to watch and also worky and Kurtzman, but I hope I got that right. There are some of the ones that have worked like right now on fringe and then other things that I’ve really liked. And they really have, I honestly, that it’s the classic old. It could be Archie. I hope I, I don’t mean to disrespect you, but I’ve never heard your name set out loud.

And so I really like your [00:19:00] work, you guys, but I don’t, they don’t seem to be like at cons where I would have had a chance to hear their name said by the MC or something like making good stuff. Yeah. It really, I hope so. The reason they’re not there is because they’re too busy working on a studio in Vancouver.

That’s fantastic. W w we were just watching the boys last night. Did you watch. I’ve watched the first two seasons. Is there anything new yet, but it’s this intense three is going to have Jason Echols, but we were on the point with the whale and Gina was like, oh my God. They really do some gruesome stuff in that show.

Exactly. Riding that whale in. Oh my gosh. Yeah, that’s a great comic book series. That’s where the show was good as it is. It has. Been as good as the comic book series, what was the good, the comic book series was good for at least the first five years of it with just, I love people that are very aware of what’s going on in comic books before that, but there’s already 60 years of history when this started up and yet they know how to just fill those conventions enough, [00:20:00] just make it that it’s, if you really had that kind of power, you wouldn’t necessarily be a boy scout and things like that.

So this is a genius. If it has his name on it, I’ll read it. Same here. Garth, Ennis, Warren Ellis. There’s certain people that Jamie Delano, who did Hellblazer for a long time. Alan Ward, there are certain people that I guess that’s it like we’re talking about with show runners, anything that I see Eric Griffey’s name on it’s like we’re I pull up the chair, whatever he’s doing, I’m interested.

I’m just curious because he’s proven himself in terms of quality over time. You know what I mean? So these great TV shows friend and X-Files a cold shack and the boys. My new favorite show right now is peacemaker. I, you know, I said another, you, you, I, Kevin, I have, we were, when we start to be able to go to comic book movies, again, there really was a bunch of us that every time that there was a premiere, we’d go there Thursday night at midnight, maybe when we were younger, we could handle fucking up our Friday, but nowadays, usually they release them by seven o’clock.

And so I will, of course [00:21:00] edit to the list. You’d be making the farthest run in like Kevin lives in Hudson. And we got a couple of deer all over the city, but we usually gather it maybe valley view for all the listeners. Those are local theaters here in the Cleveland area. They will mean nothing to you, but just to let you know that the draw of comic books is enough to have people come in from all the satellites, from ice station zebra, and watch this movie together.

And then have dinner and talk about, oh man, it was good. It was bad. It was et cetera. Et cetera. View is probably my favorite theater in Northeast Ohio. It’s huge. It’s sounds good. Lots of seeds, every theater, as good as they’re being, there’s the four main ones and there’s a whole bunch of little pocket theaters that just don’t give you the same.

I love that wrapped around you. The overwhelmed experience, the big screen, the big sound, and many of them have that. Exactly. So peacemaker. Exactly it DC finally did a Marvel series who knew it has the irreverence, the sense of humor, the violence, the backstories that are really good, not just like cardboard cutouts.

There really is that there’s an end. [00:22:00] The danger. You really don’t know where this is going to go. There’s really bad people involved here. Premise itself. Peacemaker coming out of suicide squad. For those who don’t know, suicide squad are DC villains that were captured and they’re in prison. And Amanda Waller, a government operative, comes to them and said, Hey, we will knock a couple of years off your sentence, maybe, and clear it entirely.

If you do this death defying mission, you really could get waxed by going into this dictatorship and try to stop them from production, this weapon or whatever else it might be. So there’s real like life and death on the line. And as you, the suicide squad movies, blam, blam, people are dying all over the, like the misfit squad.

Always. Exactly. And yeah, there are. How do you become a villain? Not by being the most like socially generous person. So there’s all kinds of people and not even like loners their social patterns, they really don’t have a feel for does anybody matter. But me, I live in my own little solipsistic universe.

It’s peacemaker really plays into that. And especially seeing it as this character, they [00:23:00] found a great vehicle for, he really has a great self-deprecating sense of humor, and he really is built like a superhero that he’s got a flexible mind. He’s going through some terrible stuff. All right, what next? I mean, he doesn’t crack.

He’s just like

a little more personable in this. And I even made the comment. I said the wrestlers from the eighties that got into movies and stuff, they had to keep that same persona, the same tough macho man wrestler. But now the two thousands, the rock and John Siena just totally blow that whole persona away. Seen us.

He cracks me up and he’s not ashamed to do anything. Eddie. He gets so gets into everything. I love looks like standup comedy when they they’re coming up to a line and they just step right over it and take you with them. You know what I mean? Okay. He’s going to have a mascot Eagle. How about calling him eagerly and like, and the fact that he, they see each other after a long time apart and the Eagle’s going to give them a hug [00:24:00] because you’re just like, it’s so corny and ridiculous when it’s all go with it.

That’s hilarious. That’s when we talk, when people talk comedy like movies and stuff, your standard quote, unquote straight comedy movie. Most of those don’t get me going. I’m like, eh, I don’t laugh. It’s not this type of thing. I’ll laugh my ass off and watch it again and laugh again. And when it started the very first episode, didn’t really know, oh, peacemaker, great.

Let’s watch it. It started off. And then they did the opening title credit, and I’m like, I understand sold his hair metal music that they’re doing a weird cumbersome dance too. And they’re all and not just the heroes, but all of the supporting characters, the old guy, that’s the neighbor across the head.

And I agree. I mean that the fact that they’re having so much fun with it, that they would do that. I don’t know what else, what else is known for dance sequences like cheerleader movies or Bollywood movies where they, the whole big [00:25:00] pot of what it’s, it almost seems to end in a hundred people dancing. And that’s just such an interesting cultural tradition and it hasn’t caught on here.

So this isn’t that it’s not the whole neighborhood in the streets, like in fame hall of fame, but the fact. Every one of them, some are really good, graceful dancers and so forth and others a little bit more wooden, but they’re all in it’s. It’s cool that they’re all just willing. Yes. I’ll teach me the steps and I will do this.

Take 10 takes because I don’t have good body memory. My kinesthetics are not good. I will still persevere and give you this take got it though. Siena is probably really good at that because he had to do the same thing with wrestling, for the whole match, you know, body control, good sense of his body in space, et cetera, et cetera.

The fact that he’s like you can be bulky and still agile. That’s why I think he has some of that when he does like highlight kicks. It’s not these over bulked. And now we can’t know. He’s actually seems to be pretty spread out. That’s kind of cool. So, and this last episode, the, the fight who was at the little short guy, [00:26:00] judo master that fight with him in the woods.

That was a great fight because they were doing moves. I hadn’t seen before that weren’t conventional fight moves. Exactly. That’s a great way to put it. Maybe that’s it. After you’ve seen any number of these kinds of movies, martial arts movies, or superhero movies or something like that, there’s already traditions of the way a superhero lands falling out of the sky is always one hand down legs, Thursday, it’s called a superhero stance or whatever like that.

But then when you see something done new, there must be some people that say, no matter what we do, I just don’t want to do what everybody’s saying. Let’s come up with something to get a better choreography, a different flight choreographer and do something new. So that’s cool. And you go from the scene of John Siena and that a girl having sex, and then they’re in their underwear fighting.

And it was just, and it’s so funny because they’re playing here, metal music and he’s all over and it’s just. Silly. It could almost be a three Stooges fight if it wasn’t so violent, that’s a [00:27:00] great way to put it. I also, the fact that it is so much eighties, nineties, hair metal, I knew that would like you would love it.

And when I lived there, the record collection had picking out Cinderella as the one out of all that, that they want to hear it. But, and yet it works, you know what I mean? Just like the supernatural encrypt, you had really that classic rock taste. And so that’s why Kansas was off and on there. That’s why Lynn’s uploading that.

And even like episodes were named when the levee breaks and stuff like that. It’s cool. Having we have enough culture in us that we can identify when somebody else is also loving of that culture immersed in it, and they want to include it. That’s the soundtrack of their lives. And people have said, this is a great driving song.

This would be a great song to be in a fight to I, what do I listen to before I get up for the intramural football game used to be loved, to love by UFO with that searing guitar solo at the end. And you want, I mean, when someone else has that same sensibility, it’s not that alone. How cool is that? That he remembers how perfectly paced the song is?

That gun has. Uh, hugely massive [00:28:00] LP collection that he has thousands and thousands of LPs. He has a whole room in his house and he looked at the awesome next from a guardians. Well, I was going to make him mean the fact that he did guardians of the galaxy. And like I said, that’s, this is, I, I even commented on this online.

I think that it’s the DC version of guardians of the galaxy it’s characters, heroes, the villains that you might not have heard much about, but the chemistry between them and the, just the way that they’re developing all this together. And you can just, we talked about how I trust certain people’s way of doing things.

And after a while you can even identify their style, or you can tell the Hitchcock movie within 15 minutes of watching Hitchcock movie, if you will, a David Mamet movie, I just watched heist recently. And just from his diet after the first time that something is said with a certain emphasis or a certain repetition it’s, what’s supposed to be David man, but I didn’t even know going in.

So having said, that’s what Jamie Gunn is now coming to me is like this combination of, I don’t know the kinds of villains or the ultra violence and the humor, the release that you get after the [00:29:00] fight and that kind of stuff. He’s got very good pasting and that kind of music, like you said, I could believe that he, he really wasn’t.

Every single scene of your show going the right song for this is this and the right for this and that it, the seventies for the first guardians and the eighties. And this is all like hair metal. That’s basic style. Exactly. Hope that there’s nobody, it used to be the people, some people were persnickety about getting their stuff aloud, especially in commercials, but hopefully nowadays, and it used to be a matter of ASCAP BMI rights or whatever it was that you, how you did licensing for those particular, not a public performance, but using something that actually is going to get canned and then seen by millions of people.

It seems that a lot of people now are getting why not. Instead of being very, very defensive for a long time, like led Zeppelin. There was stuff released until I saw a Cadillac commercial. If I remember, I just, somebody finally wanted a bigger Manor house and they said, you’ll pay me. You’ll throw them a dump truck of money at my house.

Yes. Here’s how things are different. And I have a comment that [00:30:00] ties some of this all together in a moment about gun. Somebody said back in eighties, you remember everybody was so strict and tight. You couldn’t use it without paying for it. And if you put a blip, somebody Sue you in and your that’s my copyrighted music, it’s nine seconds of a six and a half minute song.

Really? We have rules that said exactly how much was allowed not to be a violation. I think what has happened in this new world. And we were just chatting about this yesterday, how the internet changed that. This is one of the things that’s in a way good that people were ripping this off. And you remember YouTube early people would have background music or a little video clips, and they were getting shut down and sued.

And suddenly Nintendo was big for that. Oh, you can’t use our game. What happened was some people said, yeah, go ahead and use my music. Go ahead and use my game video, blah, blah, blah. And what they found was people weren’t going online to listen to it or watch the. And that was all they were doing. They then got interested and went and bought it.

So I just bought it. It was the loss-leader leader [00:31:00] or the branding, all this advertising opportunity. And I know companies did that for a long time who James Bond movies started to be. He didn’t just use certain things just because Austin Martin paid the car that was going to be driven. And the why I like that.

And there’s places that are famous for that apology, especially now with tick talk, what they’re finding all these, I don’t know how much Tik TOK Dina shows me a ton, but they get. Yeah. And people do a dance to it, and then it’s like wildfire and everybody does that same dance, but their version of it. So there’s a million people playing that song to dance to it.

And what they found was suddenly that song jumps in the charts and everyone’s buying tickets to the concert and they’re like, wow. So people are embracing it. Now. It’s a totally different mindset. I agree. Yeah. Back in the days of sampling, when it was, oh, you shouldn’t have stole that Neil young blood cancer write your own.

That is Huey Lewis. It’d be having Ghostbusters. But the fact, and also us being encyclopedic enough in how much we’ve listened, you really would be [00:32:00] like, well, that’s not theirs, but I guess I, there are certain groups that they sampled interestingly and made a new work, a group called the orb that used to have all kinds of snippets that sure sounded like somebody else’s stuff, but it wasn’t the full song.

And then just a different vocal over it. You know what I mean? They played with it. And they made a new workout of that. Instead of being a single note, that certain passage is a certain thing, it evokes a certain emotional reaction, or it takes your mind to a certain visual or something like that. And by putting those things together, they knew enough to be able to say, we’re going to take people on a little journey here with this Malosh of memories, this big montage of things.

And I liked that when I saw that it wasn’t just a direct rip off, but they put enough work into making it a new thing. So I hats off to the samplers that weren’t just, I don’t know, boy, you stole that riff. You know what I mean? How many? Cause there’s court cases, as you know about my sweet Lord versus where George Harrison was convicted and I don’t know what [00:33:00] to this day, it seems, wow.

That’s hard to say about a beetle. They must’ve absorbed every single blues and folk and every influence up until then. And if they use something similar, but the song to me doesn’t sound in the song. It doesn’t sound like it’s a rip off, but when you take things out of the mix and it might have the same spot.

And then it was that early sampling. Was that early or no, they actually, so there’s been enough. I don’t know, court cases about that. And nowadays there’d be so many court cases that they had to let that window slide for. How much is a fair use is not the right term for this, but it’s like that. How much is it?

I love you that I’m going to use your riff as compared to I’m going to steal from you. So, uh, you mentioned a gun and the music, and we were watching peacemaker, which if anyone listening that hasn’t figured it out, go watch it. It’s a good show. It’s really good. Gotta be prepared for a certain model and a certain amount of vulgarity.

It’s not for kids if you will. And yet it sure isn’t, it’s not torture porn. It’s not [00:34:00] the worst crap that’s out there. It’s a good chill hero show. This may be more realistic. And if they’re dope, if peacemaker is like a guy with a lot of guns and has worked as an assassin and overthrown governments, you know, that.

All was a nice guy and the people that government association that he’s working for, they’re the dark arm of the government there. That, so, anyway, as say, when I see James Gunn now, I’m like, okay, I know what to expect. I know I’m going to trust it. Uh, you know, compared that to Josh Wheaton, which we just mentioned that when I see Josh Sweden, I know what I’m going to get.

And they’re both geniuses and masters and they make great movies and great shows, but they have such a completely different style. You get something completely different from both. We had done pate peacemaker. It probably would have been wonderful, but totally different, but different exactly. By the way fringe, I think is JJ Abrams is the main Abrams.

It was his show. And he did a bunch of other things as well. We’d might be known for [00:35:00] Buffy the vampire Slayer we did there with me Firefly. Darn it. Alias one with Jennifer Garner. Right. I think that was Abraham. So there’s certain people that just had, I really liked what they did enough. Was that Abrams?

I think so. But didn’t he do, ER, one of those he might have done a more conventional show first also let’s see, there was one called like doll house. Yes. Remember that. And that was also, that was a. Mind-blower in terms of playing with identity. And I like Westworld is like the inheritor of dollhouse. You know what I mean?

Where there really are artificial beings. And when do they cross over to become a real sentient human? You know what I mean? When are they not only their programming, but actually their own experiences and thoughts and so forth, and how society going to deal with that? Part of the horrible fantasy of Westworld was people go there and saying, Hey, I can do all these things that I can’t do in society without being a criminal act.

And so they, they screw and they kill and they they’re there. Some people they want to go to paradise and experience paradise. And [00:36:00] some people, they want to go to paradise to, to shoot it up. And it really showed some horrible aspects of human nature in that show. So anyway, the fact that people are embedding in these shows that it’s not just, Hey, a new adventure every week.

There’s huge main themes about the path of technology and who are we really? You know what I mean? What brain pattern of us is enough. If you clothed me and I, then diversion. What does Allen too? Is that still me? You know what I mean? So obviously Firefly is now so old. It’d probably be difficult to even read, do it with the same one I did here.

They’re working on reboot and I’m like, man, that’s going to be a rough sell. So here’s my comment on that. But before that, I also heard there’s a quantum leap reboot coming about, which has me excited. That’s my poor timing. Maybe it’s because of that. I think it was actually before he died, I heard about it.

So. I’m sorry, there cannot be any quantum leap reboot [00:37:00] at all, unless it’s Nathan Fillion and Alan today. Tell me anybody, any duo you can think of that would be better for those parts. That those two good chemistry, they would be good for those two parts. That would be a good thing. I hope that Hollywood is saying the same thing.

Wherever, you know, studio lab is saying the same thing. Yeah. Yeah. If we can’t get a new Firefly live action, why don’t we get a Firefly animated, like clone wars or something for star wars? Because. They could get all the actors for their voices. They don’t have to have the likeness and they could do this set between the show and the movies.

So you don’t have two people dead and it voiceovers, they can do it in their house in their time between other projects in the era of COVID. In fact, I know I’ve heard when they interviewed people, they say, so why did you get so much into voice work like that? And instead of a nine months studio shoot, or far away from home, I could do three [00:38:00] weekends worth of work and do great work, but be done all the equation that you just talked to him about where I can do it and how much time it takes.

And, and yeah, if you’ve developed enough of a career to have a distinctive voice, and if anything, it’s also interesting as you Mark Campbell is not only playing Luke Skywalker, he played the joker, he plays, he’s had various other characters. And so that’s a cool thing to be able to extend your career, expand your career by doing animation.

Yeah. Yeah. So that would be my idea. There we go. Let’s see. What’s what else I’m trying to think of what Kelly did. I watched the think on David Foster, who’s a very well-known producer and a genius. He really knows how to get the best work out of various different people. Like Josh Groban. He discovered, and Celine Dion, he discovered and discovered is not the right word.

He took their career to a different level, maybe grow, but he really did discover cause that was like his first public performance. And it knocked it out of the park by dueting with silly deal. But it was also with me, [00:39:00] like they work with Chicago and Chicago app between Chicago five and 15 had gotten increasingly less sales each time.

They were still to me a wonderful group, but they weren’t the magic that they were way back at Chicago. Let’s say one through eight. And then he, all of a sudden the career revival, not only for Chicago, but for Peter Satara and it was very much because of David Foster. So it’s really cool to see that, that little interesting projectory that certain people in the music business have that they’re not the star.

And yet boy, have they had influence on the main hits for 30 years, 40 years know what they do well, and they don’t try to be something else. And they’ve discovered it. That’s exactly what he really is a great keyboard player. So nowadays he does perform life. He discovered that he really likes to doing that more than only being in the studio.

He compared it to being like, I live my life in his supper. Most of the time I’ve been here, there’s no windows. There’s the same mixing board. Maybe it’s 64 tracks out of 32, but he’s like nowadays to see the faces of people listening to the [00:40:00] music we’ve created and how much they’re loving it. That’s what he really enjoys.

And anyway, and he also talked a little bit about the IGA that the Emmy Grammy, Oscar, Tony, right? He’s only got two out of the four and you can’t be a big producer and work with big ego people without having a big ego yourself. And so he’s talking about, I’m going to need that econ. I really know I’m going to work it out.

He’s working on three Broadway musicals like simultaneously, so that one of the. We’ll pay off if you will, and get them that pony. And then maybe the next thing after that is movie soundtracks. And then you’ll have, as he got, but at least he’s 68, I think. And you still have goals, which is pretty cool.

Great. Because one of the talk I’m working on, if anyone could ever do talks anymore is really talking to parents about. Their kids and getting ready for the future of the world. And it’s not about how much money can I make. And what’s the biggest it’s finding that thing that you’re passionate about and that you enjoy doing and [00:41:00] focus on.

That’s how you’ll be successful, more successful in life than otherwise, uh, finding the thing that you do that nobody else does as well. That is very distinctive to you that I don’t know, long ago I got advice along those lines. One of the reasons I became a big coder and developer was because like, find the thing that you’re really good at that other people can’t do as well.

And then, um, farm out everything else. You know what I mean? Don’t waste your time, like vacuuming your carpets. And I don’t know that I’ve always been good about that. There’s some. Good racing by my parents that I really don’t like having people do for things for me that I can do for myself. But there were times when I put everything else aside while I worked on gambling, I paid off all my utility beers bills a year in advance.

So I’d have no distractions. Am I going homeless to take the dog out? And bond was him, but otherwise I really, anyway, I think that there’s something to be said for that. It’s not easy for people to find out what that is to be. What can I be confident in? What is really my voice is my thing. And otherwise [00:42:00] nobody can play ukulele like me.

You know what I mean? That kind of thing. That’s the other thing I try to get across to parents is when your kids are young, That’s the time to try this, do this, do that, but hover and you have to be the best. You have to be this or play sports because then you’ll pay for our life retirement on why. Okay.

The percentage of people that are professional sports, making millions of dollars is so small that you’re probably not going to do it, but I can write, I can play music. I can code. I can do all three of those things and make a good living, enjoy all three of those things. And I’m not answering to anyone else if I don’t want to play out at that club, or if I don’t want to code that pro I don’t have to.

Yeah, that’s I, this is fun. This is uncharacteristic of me, but I’ll say it I’m often Colleen and I talk about maybe a little complaining really often being like the most responsible person in any number of situations we find ourselves in that, that we really do care about doing a [00:43:00] good job and having a reputation maintained.

And just, if you say yes, then do yes. Don’t do no. Keep your word. The world is sometimes really good at finding those people and abusing them. So I’ve been, she has been in any number of situations where once people know that you’re the responsible one, funny, you’re the one that does all the work on the project that the team is supposed to be doing funny, how exists the lazy or the users or the whatever else it might be.

And so Colleen and I recently got through COVID, as you might know, and we didn’t have a terrible time of it. St. Odin praise, all the gods. She had a bad cough for a week. I had congestion for a week, but it never got like deep lung involvement or any of that terrible stuff. But having said that we avoided COVID really diligently for two years now, and it finally snagged us.

But now that we’ve had it, I so much don’t want to give it to anybody else. I really can’t stand that image. I can’t stand that BMD. The dirty guy, the carrier, but it’s also all those things that [00:44:00] I used to do. Yes. Out of politeness. Yes. Sure. I’ll be happy to it’s now given us almost an automatic excuse to say I’d love to, but I got COVID what a terrible thing that I don’t mean to turn this terrible thing into an opportunity.

Cause it’s not like I’m looking to abandon all my friends and all my responsibilities and yet it’s okay. It’s okay. To just, and have for a while the real strength, the real breakthrough would be to just be able to say no and not even mention COVID just Nope, not for me. Nope. Thanks. And I’m already doing that to a certain extent.

Why things I used to contribute a lot of time or love to that. In some cases I just have my interests have changed or that organization or person has changed that it’s not as good. Joy for me anymore. It’s not as good a deal. It’s not, it doesn’t throw me in the way that it used to. In some cases, things have changed drastically where it’s been now that I know I just can’t contribute to you.

I just, you’re not worth it. What a terrible way to put it. And yet, sometimes you don’t know until you’re working deeply with [00:45:00] certain situations, people, organizations that they aren’t what you wished they were. So just that, it’s what you said about doing all those things and being your own boss. Nobody can tell you what to do.

You make your own schedule. You make all that kind of stuff. I’m coming into that for retirement in better shape than I ever have been. I was not going to be well, now that I’m retired. What things should I do besides working for others? What new costs should I adopt? You’re in my contribution volume, relentless geekery was a good way to keep benefiting the world.

We talk about all kinds of cool stuff. So we’ll be much better if they watched our shows and read our books and jump on the bandwagon. I just don’t want, if everybody has a podcast, nobody else does our podcasts. We do a great thing. We are so full of cool information and good humor and enthusiasm. I was near episode, this, this is great.

And Andy said, totally a bias. Listen, like you said, if they’re not the geek [00:46:00] nerd, they’re like, eh, and they go away. That’s fine. But if they are, we keep getting positive feedback and just in case a hello to Danny, I tr he’s my cousin’s daughter. Not boyfriend, sorry, Danny. But he and I were talking raspberry PI and he’s working on a project with the raspberry PI, which, and a mirror hanging up in his house that displays the weather and news updates and stuff from the raspberry PI he’s been working on that project.

No, just, I love that the being able to dabble, but in a skilled way, so that we’re going to create new puzzles, we’re going to create better Christmas light displays. We’re going to create new wildlife photo capture. Do you know what I mean? All these things that we can be good at, it might be that there’s not a big payoff in some, but it can be, it can’t be that this thing is the whole world says I’ve always wanted that.

And I just didn’t know it until I saw it. Yeah. So I’m glad you mentioned that I’m going to totally shift gears a second before we forget. That’s the challenge. [00:47:00] Come by Thanksgiving, we’ve got to each come up with a light display that we’ve programmed and we’re going to compete. We’re going to see what we come up with.

And some things I really will I’ll invest. I’ll find the right light sets. I really enamored of the hundred by hundred, 10,000 light webs that you can string on things. And every one of those is programmable. And honestly, having said this, I have no idea how much those things cost, but they can’t be scallions.

They have to be. And maybe I’m thinking 10 by 10 to be a hundred and then see really hooked together a whole bunch of hundreds. I will find the way that the guy at the maker fair said I did this and the wife, might’ve been a little bit weirded out, or she knew how much I spent, but now it’s a forever thing.

Now we get the best lights display in the neighborhood forever. I’ve got some cool ideas program-wise because you can really control it. So not the standard where you start thinking about it and you come up with some good ideas. So yeah, we got to do that. And I, if I didn’t mention it, we get to July and be like, oh crap.

You know, it’s true. [00:48:00] It is indeed that to start to investigate. Now, like I mentioned, when we talked about last week about development environments and multi-platform and stuff like that, I never heard of that idea, but I also don’t mind being like, if I really am most comfortable in apple and I’m going to use swift then, and same with if raspberry PI the best development environment is some variant of Unix Linux, then that’s the way to go.

I don’t have a problem. I know 15 different computer languages, a 16th is going to put my nose out of joint or four different OSS. I can learn a fifth because there’s similarities. There’s things you bring to the table that already, there’s gotta be a way to do this. I just don’t know what the thing is for making an array and be able to address each element in an array.

You know what I mean, facilities. Okay. So speaking of apple, I don’t care what you use. I use PC because I went from an amiga. To a 4 86 and I’ve used it ever since I got my MCSC. So I’m certified with windows, Microsoft, and no I’ve used several jobs. I’ve had, that’s what they used. So that’s [00:49:00] what I had to use.

No other choice. I’ve been doing it for 30 years. I’m not going to go switch everything now, because nowadays we both can program Python. We both can program the web. We, it doesn’t matter. They use what you’re comfortable with and go with it. You’re fine. Exactly. But I do remember it, not us, but there are people that have holy wars.

Oh my God. You’re not using a Mac. Macs are just the, everything in the world. You shouldn’t use it. Okay. It’s not true on either side. It’s not true for Linux either. So that said, now I’ve got my Mac. I’m experiencing some. Okay. Apple tech support could be better. Interesting. I haven’t called them in a long time, cause I don’t need to, but you have a different experience than like delays or finding out.

I told you I’m working on some games and what I wanted to do. Uh, push it into the Mac so it could turn it into a DMG file. And then I was going to send it to you just to check, test it out and make sure everything looks good. Cause I [00:50:00] eventually, I want to do stuff and push it up to the store, publishing books and gates.

So the first thing you got to do to publish to the store is set up all your developer account, your security, add some certificates to the key chains so they can check it. And on that vouches for everything in the store to make sure that it isn’t virus carrying or any kind of malware that it is, they check for quality.

They don’t want it a wild west. They want it to be curated. Okay. Which is great. They really should. And I have no problem with any of that. So I followed the steps. It’s multiple steps. If you want to do a developer for the iOS store, it is. For someone just starting out, that’s not done the velvet, you went through the steps and you have to use this key chain access and you have to put in the CSR, it’s just like setting up SSL on a website, almost exactly the same steps just about, and you get a file bag and you have to import that into your key chain.

Okay. So I have my developer account. I [00:51:00] did all that. I import it, and it gives me an error because it’s looking at key chain file from it’s a different developer ID, which is, I think a developer ID I set up years ago that I’ve never used and I don’t need to know how to get to it. And it’s not using this email address.

So I don’t know how it found it and used it, but because my new developer accounts a different ID, it won’t import it. And I contacted support. I explained the whole problem and my suspicions and they sent me back. We’re not developers. Here’s a link on how to set up. Did you read my damn message? I said, I already tried this.

Yeah. So I sent it back. I said, well, obviously you didn’t read what I said. And I re reiterated it a little more detail with a little bit more anger behind it and said, this is the error. This is my new ID. You notice they don’t match. That’s my problem. And so the second person that got back with me didn’t [00:52:00] really help a whole lot more, but after a couple more go back and forth, they said the first thing they said, you should read.

Oh, have you turned the machine off and back on again? Oh my God probably caught in cash. Clear your cash. I’m like, look, this is a brand new map to use, but it’s a brand new setup. I literally don’t have a cash because this is the first activity I have done on the Mac. D what do you want from me? I have not used it seven years ago.

So it’s been a little frustrating. It’s funny. Your first issue is one of those under the hood type things though. This isn’t what the fuck is different than what I used. And so get it. Didn’t know how to go to the, instead. It really is. You’re at. The base of how do you get permissions? How do you make it so that you verify your app?

And like you were saying, but enough, you have enough history. Really. I think your diagnosis is really accurate that there’s metadata associated with all kinds of things that we [00:53:00] don’t get to see until it bites us. And then you find out that the email address that you use for your previous presence is the one that’s associated with.

So there are, if they’re not giving you satisfaction, I know that apple has a really good knowledge base that you can go and do a search and try to find a very specific, good answer from a deep tech person. In fact, I might even do that just because I’m curious now, if I switched from, I think I have multiple Mac IDs, I have Mac, I have iCloud, you know what I mean?

I have a diverse group of things over the course of that. If that’s different, is it, does it embed the character string or is it embed some kind of user ID? Yeah. Unique across my email addresses that it would still be able to say to apple as a developer, it’s this same person, no matter that you’ve got multiple email addresses associated with it.

And therefore, would their certificate be valid? Cause certificates is, is also it’s I, the apple put out those certificates itself or do they go to a cert certification that, okay. [00:54:00] Have you request it from apple as the, uh, or their own authority? Exactly. Cause that could be its own weirdness too, is that I’m pretty sure that you can’t be in authority without meeting all the criteria of being an authority that will work across what, what they, the equivalent of SSL that they use, the key chain that’s Apple’s equivalent of the deep permission and sometimes the key chain.

It doesn’t break, but you do have to do. I think it back, the key chain itself has only a file and it can get corrupted. And so they actually got a specific utility that cleans it up. And I’ve had occasion where I had to recertify. I didn’t have to get a new certificate, but I had to recertify a series of things because the fixing of the key chain has changed the.

Or something like that. And then it isn’t only does the ID not match, but it’s actually the date and the authority that you got it from other criteria that are used to judge that. So I know we’re really geeking it up here and I’m not trying to like make you shy away. There are solutions to it. [00:55:00] Apple will not.

I hope as she has you as a developer, not a user, but you as a developer, they want you out there. They want you putting things into their store. They want you to be able to say, I developed this for Mac. It’s really good. It’s like we say, I’ve got a software engineer, mind something’s broke. Something’s not working.

Let me find a solution to fix it. Now as an aside, sometimes in relationships. That doesn’t work so well because Gina’s dammit. I don’t want a solution. I just want you to say, oh, I’m sorry, babe. I’m like, oh, okay. Because my often consult with Colleen. Now, do you want advice or do you want, and we’ll be happy.

She was, she really she’s very good at like, no, I was just venting and sometimes she’s, I’d love to hear what you have to say. So she’s good. And she doesn’t take it as my being patronizing or Mike fumbly about it. But I know just that it’s not really a software engineer. There’s all kinds of books written about Mars and Venus and guys are [00:56:00] like, what a problem?

Let me jump on that problem. You know what I mean? So I have no problem going in doing some research. I like to fix it. It just seems like every tech wise is making me pull my hair out. I was trying to set up Cordova and I just stopped. I’m like, this is undone with this. I may go back to it, but I was getting some of the different areas, setting it up on windows as opposed to on Linux.

And I’m just like, if I’m getting these errors everywhere. Yeah. Screw that. And the 3d printer, I still haven’t got a good print. I all, I was going to show you my first print. It’s literally a mess of little spider web garbage. And again, it’s a problem. So I’m like, huh, I need to figure that out. But yeah. It got a little frustrating because the company doesn’t have a lot of good help.

Apple’s different. They have good help. I can get a really good knowledge base, but also a good forum [00:57:00] that people are on. So the 3d printer, I think what the problem is, and this I haven’t figured out your bed has to be. Hot enough to keep the adhesion and if the bed cools, it will lift up and then it moves as it’s moving around and it gets, and that’s what’s happening at some places, but not in others.

And then it warps or pools or, okay. So I went into the control panel. Of course there’s no good instructions. You just have to look at it and, oh, there’s temperature. I set the temperature. Great. A little higher. Exactly. I let it heat up. I’m like, great. It’s at the right temperature print, and I’m watching it.

The minute I hit print, the temperature starts dropping back down to 200 and it defaulted to 200 and it won’t. Me changing that it’s got an envelope that it thinks is correct, safe, whatever for that material. But that’s the thing they tell you, these, that raising the bed temperature and nozzle temperature is a [00:58:00] solution for some of these problems, but retain it.

Yes. It’s the holding back to the. Factory reset. And so you’re supposed to be able to in your, uh, slicer software set the temperature of what you want this to run at a profile, and then it’ll embed itself into the code for the printer. So I tried that and re sliced it and spit it out and took it down there.

It still did the same thing. I don’t mind looking for a solution, but when I’m looking at right, exactly what it should be, and I’m doing, what should I might screw that this is. Interface now there is a firmware update for the control panel and the hardware. So I wouldn’t need to do that, but they released two different main boards for this system.

And there’s no easy way to find it other than flipping it over, popping the bottom off and reading what it says. And I’m like, seriously, [00:59:00] that’s I Eddie? Okay. I, again, I repeat, it was $150 for new tech. It’s a kit that DIY makers use in love. It’s not a top of the line machine. I get that. But come on. Yeah.

Not even you would think, how are they going to get you to love this, to make us getting the first print done is easy. It does run out of the box after assembly. Yeah. So that’s going to be a project, but the thing is, it’s been so cold outside our living rooms, a little colder than the rest of the house, just because of where it sits with the wind and stuff.

So. Uh, especially at night because we turned the temperature down because our room gets too hot. So I think it might just be getting too cold, but the bed should stay the temperature I tell it to, okay. Wow. This is not a thing. And I there’s a sprung to mind. I I’m aware of course, that it’s molten plastic.

That’s how it builds these things. Then 200 degrees is the first time I heard really how molten it is. I worked a summer job at a [01:00:00] record distribution warehouse. And we used to put a whole bunch of stuff in boxes, and then you have a glue gun and you blew up and you seal it up. And if you didn’t put the right amount of glue on occasionally, that would seep out past the edge of the cardboard, that kind of hot glue on your finger, man, if you want to know what it’s like to be in hell.

So I’m thinking, man, you’re not going to reach into the printer and touch your thing while it’s breaking, because it’s 200 degree plastic. That is an automatic burn. That’s terrible. I hadn’t thought about that. That maybe that’s also why they have cases around it is not only that you dust out and stuff like that, that you won’t be tempted to be like, how are you doing there, buddy?

I don’t know. So I’m going, you know what it is, I just need a couple hours of dedicated time and just really haven’t had the gumption to sit down to do it. It’s just a little frustrating, but here’s my other update. What we did get instead of. Also, this is based on my cousin, the Oculus. Very [01:01:00] good. Yep. Good.

Okay. So my cousin has one and his wife has one. They have to Gina, I put some videos online of Gina. She’s all. We’re going to make a Tik TOK channel for Gina’s 3d adventures, because I swear to God, we’re about to be rich with that because she got. Immerses herself yelling at things she’s flashed and she’s swearing like constantly she coaster and she’s oh, we were laughing so hard at her yesterday.

She was walking with dinosaurs and she’s yelling and she’s bawling and she’s like, oh, it’s tripping on me. And she’s moving in. That’s very cool. But she gets into it mean that’s some part of my, like, am I too ironic to enjoy a 3d immersive experience? Because it’d be like, well, it’s not real. I really want to find something that is give yourself over to it because they did it that way.

They tuned [01:02:00] this experience to be immersive. So I haven’t gotten to play it too much cause everybody else hasn’t been on at my house, but against their own headset then, I mean, I left habit, but that’s a $400 headset, whatever there is a whole lot on there. It really is. Fascinating to get on. I tried out what they call big screen and it puts like you’re in a movie theater with a a hundred foot screen in front of you.

And it looked like, and you could do it with other people. So I looked, there were other people in the theater and they were talking and stuff and it’s like movies that experience. I talked about the big sound or the big screen, and that could do that in the privacy of my own home. And you can leave Netflix and Hulu and Spotify, the games a lot.

They have YouTube has a VR 3d section, and you can look around you can’t control the movement. So people have to realize that, but they do have games and they do have [01:03:00] games and stuff. You can buy like rollercoaster. It’s a little, not cartoony, but it’s computer, not real, but you can control walking around and doing movements and stuff to a certain, to a mini golf game.

And actually there is a Mensa thing called vroom VR, et cetera. R M if I remember right. And Stephen, Emily from here in Cleveland, our events have really been wonderfully inviting me again and again, to do this thing. And because I mentioned many times I had my little cardboard one and it was not sufficient to being able to go in the cool art gallery tour or play the mini golf or whatever.

You’re going to be the next step of when Steve’s got one. I really want to experience what he and Gina are experiencing and they will be, they’ve been so patient with me. I really have never, I’ve never led them on. I really do intend to do it, but it just through Christmas, I’m like make sure that the family gives her done.

Make sure the communists take care of that. We have plans for the next year. We’re putting up a fence that we really have been running the [01:04:00] budget and it really does look like we do have extra money. And like honestly, a 3d headset is 300 bucks. Very non-essential if you will say it’s a toy, it really is a toy, but it’s a future.

Into the future instead of, oh, no, I just don’t always think about that at all. But like earlier, when you mentioned Tik TOK, it’s like, whenever I’ve been on there, I just, I can’t get into five second, six, second videos. And there’s any number of things where I just, I maybe brevity when I see brevity, not the soul of wit, but brevity.

Like there’s just not enough going on there to interest me, but then they’re going to repeat it. So then it gets it, it bothers me that it’s really, you think that seeing it again is what’s going to make. Happier with this experience. So I’m not designed for some of the things that are out there. They’re all the rage currently, but VR, I think I will be, I really do want to have that experience.

So how cool is this that they really understand human perception and created these different experiences? So I can go, [01:05:00] I can go VR minimal thing. And that’s trivial compared to VR dinosaur tour. She went to Machu Picchu yesterday and it was called like walk up Cheech and eats a pizza up a pyramid or something like that.

Google earth. An app called wonder and you just choose anywhere and it’ll take you and show you the Google earth pictures in 3d, around you Bali next to the crater. But you can walk. It’s not just you stand there, you move and walk and it’s 3d. She went to the Sphinx and was looking at you and literally she’s looking and she looks up.

So that’s really cool if you can’t get there. I’m honestly, I probably, by the next time we talk, this might be my start of the year gift to myself and maybe their backlog that I’ve, maybe I ordered it. Well, let me tell you about that. I’ll send you a referral link because you’ll get like 30 or $60 in the store.[01:06:00]

If you sign up using the referral link. So you get, I get like 30, I think you get 30 or 60, so everybody benefits and then we could get on and you can play golf. You can watch movies together, all that jazz. So you’ve got the Oculus rift too. Got it. Okay. I don’t know what the state of the art in my consumer reports instinct is to find out what’s the bleeding edge.

And then back off from that by one version. Cause I’ll get 80% of the value for 50% of the price. You know what I mean? Nope, Nope. This is why I finally did it. Cause I was looking okay. The quest too. The reason I got it is because you can play. All the quest two games, you can get a link cable to hook it to your computer, and you can play all the rift games.

Whereas if you get a riff, you can only play the rift games. And with the link you can play steam VR games on the quest too. And the old [01:07:00] quest one apps for the most part, you can play. They’re the same stuff. Just better hardware. I was looking on eBay at the quest one, I figured. Okay, let’s just give this a try.

I can get it. The quest one goggles with controllers are going for. $250, 200 to 250 on eBay. And you can buy a brand new quest two for $300. So that kind of is its own answer. Get to stay to the number because okay. It isn’t, there really isn’t a premium if you will. Exactly. So that’s why I finally broke down now get this.

Okay. We went Saturday night to my cousins, my cousin’s wife’s birthday and we were playing, everybody was playing it there a little bit and watching Gina and laughing. So we got home and it was like midnight and she’s little while we were sitting there. She’s all my guide. You’ve got to order one. So I got on my phone, but I kept getting this weird error.

What was trying to validate me. I’ll do it when I get home. So I got home [01:08:00] logged in the game stop and it was 1203. So it was Sunday morning at that time. And they do offer with, through PayPal for payments, without interest. So they do that. If you need to do that, it could help, but I’m like, okay, So the next day, 12 hours later at noon, I get a notification that it’s packaged and deliver or package ready for delivery.

And then a half hour after that, it’s on its way. So literally 12 hours after ordering it on a Sunday. When I ordered it at midnight, I got heading out the door. That’s really cool. And it was delivered by door dash. Wow. They’re not even using conventional and an exam was on ups. That’s wow. That cracked me up again.

It’s a toy. Oh, what? I also recommend a battery lasts about an hour and a half, which isn’t huge. You can play while plugged in, but you have to be sitting down. You can play sitting down, you can play standing up. It maps your area. [01:09:00] So you go to a different room, you could remap it, which is good. They do have little battery packs.

You can attach the head strap and everybody says they don’t get in the way their light. They help counterbalance it. And they extend the life for several hours, but they’re also like 60 bucks, 120. If you get the elite head strap with it. But what a lot of people say they do is just get a stamp. Battery charger, plug it in and put it in their pocket with a cable.

So drawing power from that, I got this that I actually ordered last year for camping and stuff has got a flashlight. It’s I don’t know how huge it actually has solar power, but it takes two days to charge up. But yesterday Adam and Jason were playing on the Oculus with this, plugged into it and the Oculus for 10 and a half hours straight.

Wow. That’s fantastic. So our battery packs that are like that, and we’ll probably look exactly for that. I don’t mind. It’s not going to be attached to my [01:10:00] head. So the weight is not going to be pulling on me if you will. I’ve in the past done that where I had a battery pack in a pocket and was wandering around with my laptop, commenting on Macworld or something like that.

Okay. So you guys got a cable from, I charger that it handles every kind of USB, ABC, everything that you might want to be able to go between a charger and a chargey. And like for 25 bucks, I now have universal connectivity. It’s only like this long, but it does all that translation is not the right word.

It makes it so you can do the charging without ever blowing anything up without, you know what I mean? So I thought that would be a good thing to throw into the Al’s backpack that goes to all his presentations with him. And no matter what, I will not run out of charger and wifi and video access that I have every adapter.

And this is another tool that seems worth getting very cool. So again, like you said, at the 3d. It’s really a toy. We didn’t have a, we’re not printing parts for our car, at [01:11:00] least yet we wanted to print a few little games and stuff, puzzles. And like you said, so it really is a toy, but it also has some uses.

This is really nothing but a toy. And that’s the problem. Everybody wants one. And I’m like, no, I have not buy $3,000 worth of 3d headsets. I have, I can have an addictive personality. You know what I mean? The things that I liked doing and I pursue them. And so one of my fears with the 3d thing was being like, oh, this virtual reality.

Better than real life. I think I’ll just sit here in my two pens for my immersive experience. Dennis Miller a long time ago, made a comment along the lines of where they really perfect 3d immersive technology. It’s going to make crack look like Sanka. You know what I mean? All the guys that can put on a headset and be like, oh, I can be with a Scarlett Johansson.

I’ll buy that $400 device. So I. [01:12:00] I wonder if there’s going to be anything that is thought this is really good life. I think I’ve also mentioned, I really am enamored of the idea of augmented reality versus virtual. And so I really am apple just had a whole bunch of announcements about it’s probably not going to be out until 2023.

They really are working on the apple glasses that give you while I look at the bookshelf, it can zoom in and say, Hey, this is available for a better price somewhere else. I look at a mountain range and say that’s Mount Denali and those kinds of things. So I’m, I want to be into this world to get a feel for what it’s like to have extended vision and not necessarily immersive where it blocks everything else out.

But what I always think about is I want to be able to just have what you talked about. A friend, a family member that has the mirror with the display that tells you that these date, time, temperature, that kind of stuff, to be able to overlay onto reality enough, additional information that I’m like that’s handy to know that gives me an edge.

That’s [01:13:00] interesting. That kind of thing, to be able to walk around downtown Toronto and have it say that is Palasky building and it was built in 83. You know what I mean? I love that idea. I don’t want it to be that it’s a distraction, but I really would love to have it be that I’m not fumbling in a guidebook.

That just seems so analog to digital. There’s plenty of Saifai there of all the bad things that can happen in go type stuff. Exactly. That’s right. Okay, before we go, I here’s my book recommendation for the week. I’ve been reading, it’s called a broken thing where her heart should be by J D Barker. He’s the guy I was the authorized working with last year was writing.

It’s set. It starts off in the eighties, but it progresses through time. But essentially it, I would say if Firestarter had a sequel, this would be. Um, with a [01:14:00] few little name changes and a few little things. This could directly be the exact same world in setting as Firestarter and honestly a reference to the Stephen King and not be like better or worse, but just like contemporary.

That’s pretty good praise to be like, this is the king of, at the beginning of the, oh no, it was the other, he wrote another book. I even commented to him where he visited the eventual things store. Exactly. He put that in there. So this one is an interesting book. It’s a different, huge, it’s one of the big ones.

So did you ever read, I wasn’t Fritz library that might’ve come up with this issuers weapons shop. It was like a number of fantasy science, not science fiction, fantasy sword, and sorcery type things. There was a particular store that you went to for your. And it was issuers and they all started to use it if I remember correctly.

So it was the shared, they all just said, why not? Let’s all use this place and that maybe [01:15:00] even our heroes can bump into each other. You know what I mean, issues, weapons, Smith, or something. I should know it perfectly, but I know it’s issues anyway. Okay. So I just finished reading the latest by Richard queued, the Sandman slim book.

And I filet this, I read number four now. So I’m working my way through the series and there’s still. They’re creative and vulgar. And they play with the whole, not only did it have the mythology of angels, devil’s Nephilim and stuff like that. But now the elder gods have been introduced that maybe before our universe, there was a previous universe and they want to penetrate back and eat it.

And so there’s all kinds of good stuff. And having finished with that one, I’m not reading a book called I’m dying up here. It’s a history of when standup comedy kind of shifted from New York to LA because Johnny Carson shifted. And that was so much the way for comedians of a certain generation to get anywhere near national acclaim is to make it under Carson and then actually make it to be invited to the couch because that was the bed addiction from the king, if you will.

And so everybody who saw that [01:16:00] example of Freddie prince Scottish show, Jimmy Walker got a show. Am I going to be the next guy? And it, and it’s of course, a tale of triumph and tragedy that some people really were good at what they were doing to Jay Leno’s, David Letterman’s, but there were also then, uh, friendships and fallings out and who were the people that were manipulating the system, the agents that were happy to pit people against each other, because there’s only so many slots.

And it’s really an interesting book because I know so many of the people in it from having seen every standup ever, but I don’t know of course, all of their backstories and what they did to grow in their career and stuff. So. Yeah. Reading about comedy comedies, like dancing about architecture. It’s not necessarily the best medium, and yet it’s interesting.

I’m enjoying it. And I got it from Colleen for Christmas and nowadays there’s excuse me. I gave you that gift, but as soon as you’re done with it, I wouldn’t mind reading. We regularly exactly. Kind of hand things off to each other, that video for the walk about mini golf. Did you actually [01:17:00] watch it? No, I have not.

I’m sorry. I should have, I knew we were doing this then I just, here’s why I want you to watch it. Okay. Listen to the background music. You mentioned that I should be able to identify. Okay. I will definitely give it a list of them. I’ll make a post or make a comment or we’ll talk about it next time or something like that.

There you go. All right. Quick trivia maker. Does Robert Patrick, who he was in X-Files also, which we mentioned he is from Cleveland. If you didn’t know that, I didn’t know that he has a kind of famous brother. Do you know who that is? Wow. Patrick Harris. We not the same name. It’s not the same last name. The same last name.

Oh wow. Nothing’s coming to mind. It is Richard Patrick, who was Trent Reznor, keyboardist in or guitarist in his tour. First tour then formed his own band called filter. Interesting. [01:18:00] I didn’t know that relation. I filter I’d like them. So I liked them in small doses, you know, that Trent Reznor and like kind of black metal Prague, industrial it’s like, how long can I stand being yelled at?

You know what I mean, with Richard? Um, after the nine inch nails tour, he was forming the band filter and put an ad in scene magazine and I was in college and saw it and called him up. And I actually went up to Cleveland and tried out for the band filter, but honestly, I wasn’t right for the part, which, okay, it’s fine.

But it was so funny a year later I was driving down the road and Hey man, nice shot came on and I’m like, I heard it in the studio. Oh man. Okay. That was my claim to fame. That’s pretty cool. Yeah, boy, I’m not good at bumping into things and saying that would make a good trivia question. So I need to start arming myself so we can train these trends.

But occasionally I do. And I’m trying to think of [01:19:00] nothing comes to mind, but I will be better prepared next time. Exactly. I’m sorry. It’s a great cause. The amount of stuff that we absorb as we don’t realize how in the world do I know that occasionally we’re still watching Amy Schneider’s monumental run on jeopardy, right?

I think she’s now the like second, third, most consecutive wins and also in money. If I remember it only congenitals current hosts and matrimonial are ahead of her. I think that she’s ahead of number of games of James Holtzman. But less had money because hotel were really maxed out each game. As you want, you remember from his playing style, having said that there’s occasionally things where Colleen and I will get it.

And we’ll like, how do you know that? That’s just the most interestingly obscure thing. It’s I read on the back of a cereal box. I happened to watch that one episode of the Flintstones, where they make a rough don’t sometimes even know where you got it from, but sometimes you do. And then it’s how is that still in there?

Why is the world still in my head? Yeah. Talk about that sometimes how things, [01:20:00] and what’s a fact and what isn’t, because I had this conversation with Jason the one day and he got a little frustrated with me, but he said, taco bell meat is just one step above dog food. I’m like, what do you mean by that? He says it is it’s graded by who?

Well, I don’t know. What’s the grading. I don’t know exactly like what context is not even really a whole. And so we had this conversation I’m like, but you just throw that out as if it’s a real fact. But you can’t, it’s not a real fact. We had that whole conversation of all of that. So that’d be an interesting thing to look at.

So actually I’ll share this as a cryptic question, and then I’ll give you the anecdote. What do you call? There’s a wind that blows in the Antarctic that there’s two different wins. That one blows up slope and one downslope and they curate different amounts of moisture. So they actually are what sculpt the flows that you see, the mountains that you see in Antarctica, this is so geeky and it’s [01:21:00] very science-y.

Instead of our usual, it was used in a Michael Crighton book, state of fear where they were in Antarctica. They said that, but I don’t remember what it was. Cause I remember it because it was one of those italicized words because of it is not. Yeah, it is obscure. Exactly. Remember it. So quick background, Colleen and I.

10 years ago, we started to riff on what we call Eskimo love call when we were doing songs that were going to be the opener to Mr. Mensah at our men’s annual gathering, Khaleed writes really good parody songs that I often contribute. And so I just wrote a lie. I told her I loved her, but she’d have none of it.

And we just started to rip on every Eskimo thing we could think of mukluks and Mex and whale and blubber and all the kinds of stuff. And I threw out katabatic. Katabatic is one of the winds, kinematic, an antibiotic, or if they’re like the doctors and the undertakers winds in Jamaica, where one really brings moisture and keeps [01:22:00] everything growing.

And the other one is nasty and hot and nobody likes, and you go inside if you will. So when I said that she like hardly ever do I have a vocabulary word that Colleen doesn’t know, she’s just really an amazing vocabulary like you and I are. So when I got it. Wow. That’s still what common thing that I actually got and I didn’t have I say, I said antibiotic and she was like, I’ve not heard of that.

I think it’s this wind. And then she went and looked it up and said, oh no, what’s katabatic. So then they started out. So we love, but it’s not, oh, I got it wrong. It’s more cool. It is. That was somehow in there from maybe a Michael Crighton book. But I think it was from a national geographic who knows where it is that it stays.

And then we talked about the pyroclastic wind, which is what comes down off of volcano and like blows forest over. And so it’s not cool. Did all that stuff, not only is it in there, but it actually is like shorter than classified. I can have your different kinds of winds. Here’s the Chinook, here’s the shirt Rocco.

Here’s the Neffer. How cool is that? One of those things, one of those party [01:23:00] games where they have these three things, what are they described like that? And so many of those are like what? That’s a foreign word. And I think I saw it in print once, but boy that doesn’t, it’s not enough to give it to me, but then we have, what is, it comes down to the United States, the Yukon clipper, and we have the things that are.

That bring all the snow from Canada. Yeah, exactly. They express or something like that. So there that’s my, I like that. It’s one of the cool things about Scrabble because she and I play is that it’s not only everything has to be an English word or it has to be a foreign word. That’s been accepted at English because there’s no equivalent.

And so you’ll find out that there’s all kinds of like foreign instruments, musical instruments. That there’s no other word for dope, bro. So it’s dope bro. And various different plants. There’s actually a plant. I remember called a Zach’s and I thought, well, that’s like a Dr. Seuss word that’s made up. No, there really is a plant.

Zix what a great multipoint or that. Whenever she and I bumped into that, like a three letter word that we’ve never seen before. It’s like, [01:24:00] how can that be? I have a hundred thousand word vocabulary and that’s not far from true. Most people have about 30,000, but I really have a really weird extensive.

Okay. Because I play Scrabble. Remember whenever I was on my feet and remember medical illegal. But anyway, when you bumped into a word that it can’t be, there’s only so many, three letter combinations, 26 to the third or whatever, the sorry, 26. Yeah. Two, the third, I should have bumped into all of those and there’s a new one.

And so we laugh about that whenever there’s a new word, that’s just how interesting that I’ve made it to 60 plus years. And I never bumped into that word. You know what I mean? I loved that. I read it. We, we, when we are laying in bed reading almost all is at the end of the day. That’s what we do. It’s when we bumped into a newer, you can feel obligated until if you heard of this, have you heard of this word?

Because I can’t believe there’s a new word. Very few. I have extensive enough vocabulary than unless it’s a made up word. We’re a very specific, like all [01:25:00] different kinds of armor that I’ve learned from reading all my fantasy sword and sorcery books and the whole world doesn’t know what a curation is for instance, but I do know what I mean, but having said that, it’s just, it’s a fun thing also from playing Dungeons and dragons.

When you went down the list of what you may be able to buy for two to 2000 gold pieces, and it’s lots of your, it doesn’t matter. It’s cool. How many of those are still in my head that, that hasn’t been in use in the world in a thousand years? That was justing times. You know what I mean? I got dinged a couple of times from my editor, underline things and said use words that people use when they talk.

I’m like, I do use that when I talk, I love that we do that. I love that it really isn’t. That little translator. That’s saying dumb, everything down for the public. It’s cool that we have this. And I don’t know if Dan, if you say something that I don’t know, I happen to stay cool. What is that? It’s not like I feel defensive because it never bothers me to learn a new word stupid at all.

That is [01:26:00] definitely alright, man. As usual, little bit over, sorry, our sessions are going longer. I’m sorry. I get to talk because we have so many things. I still got things on the list we haven’t gotten to yet. Same here. We’ll do a clearing house section once in a while in 10 minutes, get through each of these 10 things.

We need to plan a trip and drive there and just chat the whole way recorded. Break it up. Yeah, it really is true. We knocked out a whole bunch by driving to test the season to get advent calendar. All right. Dayton announced that it’s going to do an RG. And so if it’s safe and we want to do a live thing, I’ll talk to, I think it’s Dustin Schneider, right?

You’re one of your Zach, I think he’s back in date and he’s up for for a couple of years now. And I think that he’s the one that I saw do the. End of March is a possibility in date. So that’s how we’ll see we’re following our extensive [01:27:00] social calendar. Keep your end of March open. We’ll be fine. We’ll do that.

We want to go to some things I want to do my talk and stuff again. So I’ll, that’s a great talk, Steve, and it’s really cool that you’re doing that about, Hey parents. Here’s how to walk the world, prep the kids group. It does a super Saturday thing where they it’s for gifted kids and it’s different programs.

And I might be doing my game story, talk with them and creating games and stuff. All right. All right. Okay. Have a great day. Get them buried. I’m going to go build the snow Joe and do some snowplowing.