Episode 78 – Fixing the World


Our conversation starts with recycles and how people choose NOT to do things to help the environment. Recycling has improved over the years, yet some people willfully still do things like bury trash and burn trash.

Alan recently saw Neal Stephenson, whose new book – Termination Shock – has to do with global warming and how it may affect our world. Fantastic writer with great books.

We also discuss the newest national park at New River Gorge. This also is part of the conversation and how we need to preserve our land, yet people are destroying even these areas.

Al heard Kansas on tour –

Stephen saw a Christmas Parade –

Stephen Book recommendation is Mark Leslie’s Canadian Werewolf in New York

Trivia of the week:

What was the first home video game console with changeable cartridges?

Bluesman Robert Johnson has a famous story of selling his soul to the devil at the crossroads. A movie called Crossroads featured a guitar duel with what 2 people? hint: one’s an actor and one’s a guitarist.

Listen to the podcast for the answer!

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