A couple weeks ago, we discussed old tech. This week it’s new tech – starting with Windows 11. We do delve into some old tech talking about system code and driver code, but it is part of our talk about how Windows 11 security requires a system to have certain chips.


This leads us to a music discussion – old vs new.

We definitely wanted to discuss Frank Miller’s Sin City – it’s been on our discussion list for weeks. We finally get to it. If you haven’t read the books – you should do so.


And man – it really is Pachelbels Canon – why did I say Tschiacovsky? <sigh>

Find out how you can learn Swahili from Sha Na Na. Go ahead and listen – and stop drinking Jamba Juice

We discuss a bit about our world and movies and cartoons reflecting our society – but how it can be jarring when it’s on a touchy topic. This is in Sin city and a comic Al recently posted and in an experience Stephen had over the weekend at the Michigan Paracon.

Have you experienced misogyny or racism? Tell us about it below.

To end, we have a great Google calendar tip and our music of the week is Prong – a great heavy metal band that had an upcoming show at the same casino as the Michigan Paracon.