Episode 63 – Kathy Kerestman Talk

Kathy is the author of Creepy Cat – a collection of tales about her travels to spooky places. She talks about her love of horror, starting with Dark Shadows.

Kathy has been all over the world and regales us with several stories of her travels, including one that really freaked her out.

Upcoming appearances:

Through Labor Day  —  Thursdays in the Park (Madison, OH)
Sept 28      6 PM    —    Mentor, OH Library (Salem Past and Present Intermixt)
Oct 1         6 PM    —    Akron/Summit, OH Library (Salem Past and Present Intermixt)
Oct 7     7:30 PM   —   John Carroll University Alumni Author Series (The Bell Witch Project)
Oct 12        6 PM   —   Willoughby / Eastlake, OH  Library (Salem Past and Present Intermixt)
Oct 13        6 PM   —    Geneva, OH Library (Salem Past and Present Intermixt)

ERRATA: during the conversation, several things were said that weren’t correct and we wanted to make sure these were clear. Creepy Cat regrets putting her paw in her mouth.

The Statue of Liberty is not in Philadelphia, what was meant is the Liberty Bell.

It was not Mina’s head that was cut off, it was Lucy’s.

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