We start off today after having not been able to troubleshoot tech problems. As Al says, two Codger Alpha Geeks that are usually the ones to fix things, can’t figure this out. Very frustrating.

Talking about tech support is natural because we’ve done it for so long. Naturally, one tech item leads to another – like using Apple Glasses or Microsoft Hololens to help with tech support.



Part of our success in tech has been the ability to not be afraid and try things to see what happens. We discuss how this connects to driving directions. Yes there may be failure (like our guest that we couldn’t connect to), but the mindset of not being afraid of failure is immense. Have you worked in tech support – let us know your story below.

Want to give an older computer new life? Try Linux – and Stephen’s newest recommendation is Mint. If you’ve tried Linux Mint, let us know.



OK, enough tech talk – let’s turn our eyes to the sky and look at the Perseid meteor shower. Have you seen any of the shooting stars this year?

Today’s word is orrery.


To end things, we touch a bit on the paranormal. If interested, Stephen is involved in a group called the Cryptic Collective and they have been doing a great podcast – https://crypticcollective.net.