Today’s theme seems to be fun and wonder. These are things that kids have but adults tend to lose and we wonder why.

We start off talking about Stephen’s brother in law getting a Steve Austin (Bionic Man) doll from Gina, and he loved it. The memories of childhood open you back up to the wonder of the world again.

The topics of wonder range from the toys to Christmas – a true time to enjoy the wonder of the world. Our top Christmas places to bring out memories is:


Christmas Castle

Another fun area is putt putt golf and candy. In our area, we have BA Sweeties candy warehouse, which now has a putt putt golf. A great 2 for 1! Besides candy, there is a lot of great soda pop and one of the best is End of the Commons General Store.

Our music talk this week is a bit about tribute bands, mostly baroque and bluegrass covers of rock artists. One of the best is Strummin’ with the Devil.