We had some trouble getting the episode going this time. Lost a few minutes of conversation because it wasn’t recording. Did some reboots and everything came back. There you go, tech wizardry at its best.

Before the health tech, we discuss router extensions versus the newer mesh technology. While talking mesh, we discuss driverless cars and the tech with it. Even though there are cars already like this, we have a long way to go.



This made me think of one of my favorite Rush songs – Red Barchetta.

Here is the True Metrix Bluetooth glucose meter:

We finish with a discussion of Big Bang Theory and why some people like it and some don’t.

Here is Stephen’s list of favorite Big Bang Theory episodes:

S3E8 – The adhesive duck deficiency

S2E3 – The barbarian sublimation

S2E11 – The bath item gift hypothesis – this is maybe my all time favorite episode

S5E21 – the Hawking excitation – partly because Hawking loved doing this

S4E1 – The robotic manipulation

S4E2 – the cruciferous vegetable amplificaiton – you should watch this one because you’ve talked about this

S2E15 the maternal capacitance

S5E7 – the good guy flutuation – I think this may be my 2nd favorite episode


And they were called the Funk Brothers

Do you watch Big Bang Theory? Why or why not? Have a favorite episode?