We planned this week. There was actual discussion to talk about how streaming has changed our lives, all the streaming options, and the shows you can only get only get on streaming.

So, of course, we talk for 30 minutes about upgrading computers. Stephen is considering if he should upgrade his 10 year old computer with slightly newer, but older and used, parts or just get a new computer. We relate some of our upgrade adventures – including when Stephen upgraded his Commodore 64 sound.

VIOLA! That leads to a discussion on WandaVision – [SPOILERS] – because in the latest episode there are Commodore 64 computers. Most important, Alan discovered that he could have been watching these shows all along. So much for high IQ.

Believe it or not, this leads to a bit of comic book discussion and the collectorablility and also a similar discussion with music.

And big news! – next week we have our first guest! The wonderful Ted Sikora, creator of Apama the Undiscovered Animal and more. I’m so excited.

Are you watching WandaVision? What did you think of the big surprise? Have you enjoyed the slow burn and weekly releases or are you a “everything at once” binger? Let us know below.

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Ted Sikora