Starting the new year by talking about living to another year and the possibility of living longer. Alan wants to live to 140. With the help of a robot body, he might do it.

Since it is a new year, we discuss our new calendars. Alan goes way overboard on the calendars he gets. We do wonder when the use of wall hanging calendars started. If you know, please leave comments in the box below.

What discussion of new years and calendars would be complete without delving into the possibility of life elsewhere in the universe. There’s a bit of a dive into the possibility and related sciences.

To end off our first episode of the year we talk a bit about our plans which include festivals and gatherings, playing music, learning to draw, and watching our health.

We would love to hear from you – leave comments for show topics below or chime in on anything we discussed. If you know anything about the history of modern calendars, please enlighten us.