Our chat starts with tech support. We’ve had some issues and needed tech support recently. Since we’ve both been tech support, it can get bothersome to have to go through the simple tech support. Yes, we really have been around that long.

This was recorded between Christmas and New Years and we discuss how the holidays have been. We’ve had to provide support and share several fun stories that we can laugh at NOW. There are some reasons to use Mac, PC, or even Linux, and we’ve used them all at times.

Tech support isn’t just hardware, you have to support programming code – yours and others.

We take a short detour into languages and Alan compares computer language to his Lithuanian Sanskrit. It wouldn’t be complete without mentioned GOTO and GOSUB – and be glad we don’t use those any longer.

We talk about Alan’s visit to Oglebay lights and our gift exchange. We have gotten some great gifts over the years and try to give some great gifts over the years. Alan gave me a wonderful gift which leads to a discussion of the comic book collector market.

There are so many comic book based shows and movies and we love to geek out about our favorites. This year hopes to be better than next and we can travel and visit all the places we’ve wanted to – which means conventions. So we’ll be able to see more people, get more swag, and sit in on some great talks.

There is a bit about all the gifts we got and gave this year – including all the weapons for a 13 year old. Alan talks about cool gifts he’s gotten Colleen this year and through the years.

And to prepare for the New Year – Stephen talks about Star Wars month!