While we talk a bit about deep topics like entomological and eponomous, we quickly delve into comic book discussions. Several stories that have affected us pretty deeply – Renew Your Vows and One More Day – are talked about.

The fun doesn’t stop there as we talk about how video games and Dungeons and Dragons affect people. While video games are a reality altering immersive experience, Dungeons and Dragons is more creative without triggering people’s destructive capabilities.

Before we sign off, we have a couple big announcements. We are doing a couple LIVE podcasts. At the end of October, Chicago Mensa does a big RG called Weem that we are doing a podcast for. Then in December, we are doing the same for the Cincinnati RG.

Here’s where we need help. Next years big international AG is going to have LeVar Burton! We want to campaign to do a live podcast and get Mr. Burton on with us! So we need help. If you talk to any AG committee, mention that it would be great to have him on our podcast. Or send an email alerting Mr. Burton to our podcast. We would love to chat with him.







http://www.chicago.us.mensa.org/weem/index.php (and if you look close, you’ll see a couple of Stephen’s kids in the pictures)