Like usual, the conversation meanders across multiple geek topics this week. We discuss the benefits of quality products vs more but cheaper products. This turns into how it pertains to our collecting love of comics.

We move the money talk to energy – particularly with rechargeable batteries and solar panels.

Alan brings up Merillion and how they’ve done the kickstarter type of thing for years. We talk about how that is or could affect the music industry in the future. Since Stephen has been publishing books, the talk also relates to how this has affected books and television.

We go from tv back to comics by talking about The Boys by Garth Ennis and how the show is different than the original series.

Lastly, since we usually are very active and busy, we talk about the upcoming events that are changed or canceled because of Covid. We are both scheduled to go to Maine for Mensa Mind Games in April and hoping it doesn’t get cancelled.