After last weeks deep dive into health and supplements, we keep it lighter this time with multiple topics.

There is a bit of update on Alan’s stocks which are doing great. No insider advice, but information.

We discuss how kickstarter has made independent creatives be able to get their work into interested hands. We discuss finding comedians on Patreon and how these services allow people like cosplayers to be found and known.

Disney is going to release Mulan as a premium access title and we wonder how well this will do and what other changes will they make. This type of thing is changing the industry and it’s interesting to watch.

Alan discusses the books of Michael Lewis and how interesting they are. These are non-fiction that can open your eyes and delve into multiple topics.

To end, we discuss a bit about our addictive games like civilization, diablo, and doom.

Lastly, we talk a bit more about all the changes at DC and what it might mean. Could they be going to a more digital platform?

Links to items talked about in episode:

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