Today’s talk starts with OS updates. No matter how bad it seems now, the installs and updates of yesteryear were profoundly more wonky and difficult. We reminisce about the days of multi-floppy installs.

This leads into a discussion on using the Raspberry pi and programming it to do what you need. Stephen is working on building homemade trail cams and bird feeder cams. Maybe even a homemade GPS.

Our initial planned discussion was to be about health supplements. We don’t just talk about pills and every snake oil under the sun, a lot of our discussion is about foods to eat that are healthy. We both have some health challenges and these foods help us lead a healthier life.

Alan has several supplements he takes that are discussed. We understand the importance of making sure these aren’t just spurious claims and that they aren’t more harmful than good.

Please, don’t take anything we say as medical advice – always talk to your doctor because everybody is different and what is good for one is bad for another.

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