As usual, we have a plan of geek and nerd topics to discuss and we get on and start talking and each topic leads to another and pretty soon we’ve gone on for over an hour! <sigh> First geek problems.

Due to so many people using Zoom, there are a ton of backgrounds available. Plus, looking ahead, more people will be speaking and interviewing online. That’s where our first topic starts – what we’ve been doing along those lines for the podcast, but also other areas of our careers and how the world is taking advantage of the current coronavirus problems.

Now, it wouldn’t be a Relentless Geekery podcast if we didn’t discuss comics. While it started as a discussion of Doomsday Clock, it morphed into a discussion about collections and comic values and how the industry is changing and being shaken up.

With the coronavirus still in full swing and school about to start, we discuss how that looks and what the problems that lie ahead are. Especially for sports teams. While we aren’t big sports fans, we do have an appreciation for things dealing with sports and the playing of sports ourselves. We can empathize with the issues our country is facing with the sports ball .

This, naturally, leads to a health discussion and talk about better eating and the supplements to take. Not only our health, but the health of our pets and how diet affects that.