It’s funny how we discuss topics for the show and quite often go off the rails and talk about other things. Then there are the times we get several topics and as we discuss them, we realize how much they are related.

We start off today talking about addiction. This involves a discussion on the science behind addiction and why people become addicted to certain things and other people do not.

We admit we have our own addictions, but not ones that take over and control our lives. Almost viewed as positive addictions.

This leads into a discussion of music and creativity. While we start with music as the impetus for our creativity discussion, it quickly leads into comics which leads into the virtual San Diego Comic con.

The amount of virtual topics being discussed, and available online, for the comic con is overwhelming. Alan mentions some of the great presentations that you can still access as of this writing. We are hoping they keep them available online via youtube.

The last big topic is a piece from Radiolab about Facebook censorship. It’s a very good audio article and everyone is encouraged to listen to it. The things Facebook does around their censorship and trying to do what they can to keep their platform usable without issues. It’s a great piece and interesting discussion.

San Diego Comic Con

Comic con on youtube

Mike Gustovich – Justice Machine

Genghis Con

Jim Sikora – Apama

Radiolab – Post no evil Redux

Lester Dent – Doc Savage