We start off after a bit of trouble with sound to get started. Podcasting isn’t always simple and can be frustrating, but at least we can laugh about it.

And speaking of laughing, Alan talks about what he and his wife did for her birthday, which didn’t include comedy clubs. There is some discussion on some great comedians and the change to the world about going to comedy clubs.

What he did get her was a unique Laura Ingalls Wilder gift because that is one of her favorite authors. He likes to get Colleen unique gifts including Rumblepony gear.

We have a brief discussion again on how streaming is different than cable but how streaming had changed which leads into a discussion on all the DC universe CW shows. Most particularly, how great Crisis on Infinite Earths really was and how well they did that crossover.

Have a listen and if you enjoy the show, leave a review wherever you get your podcasts.

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