Do you like conversation on a variety of topics? Feel like no one wants to talk about the things that interest you? Tired of only hearing the same political, sports, or catastrophe talk. Yeah, we feel that way too. 

Join two high functioning geeks as they discuss just about anything under the sun. We can’t tell you what we’ll be talking about each week because we don’t know where our brains will take us. It will be an interesting conversation, though. So hang on and join us – here comes the Relentless Geekery.

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Alan Baltis is an alpha geek, an app/website/database developer, consultant, author, & speaker. He’s a music lover, game player, puzzle solver, movie buff; a fan of stand-up comedy & live music and theater. He’s a life-long reader & collector of comic books (with more than 40,000), as well as tens of thousands of magazines, books, puzzles, games, CDs and LPs. He’s a hiker & traveler who has been to 48/50 state capitols with his wonderful wife, Colleen, & dozens of National Parks, museums, zoos, galleries, historic sites, & oddities. He loves origami, mosaics, fractals, and trompe l’oeil artwork. He’s in Ripley’s “Believe It Or Not” for having hugged 833 people in an hour, a world record at the time. He’s a 40-year and life member of Mensa. He won on Jeopardy, baby, in 2013. He loves deep-dish pizza, peanut M&Ms, Diet Dr. Pepper, & pretentious drinking. Email him at, or friend him on Facebook & far too many other social media sites.

STEPHEN BIO – A short bio? So – let’s not cram everything in here, no need to brag. You want the basics? Computer programmer but also went to school for music and was a professional musician on a cruise ship. But I love being outside and camping. Yes, I have woken on the side of a mountain and watched the sun come up from behind the next mountain. Star Wars is my jam and love to talk about it if you can do so without being a jerk.

I’ve begun to write and have some books on the way. Hoping to get the next generation interested in fantasy, like I have been my whole life. I have a book series – Town Magician – about a kid that learns he has magic. I have other fantasy (superhero, supernatural, spy) in the works also.

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